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Redskins Nation: Larry Weisman & Larry Michael look ahead to the Colts game-10/12



  1. Peyton Manning0:21, 0:24, 0:44
  2. Robert Mathis2:05
  3. Bob Sanders1:51
  4. Dwight Freeney2:04
  5. Dan Marino0:57
  6. Indianapolis Colts0:42
  7. Michael Vick0:17
  8. Brett Favre0:58
  9. Super Bowl0:47, 0:48
  10. Sam Bradford0:17
Tue, 12 Oct 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Dot com yeah and not you know it. Well a little grim when you look at some of the things that have fallen in the redskins' past. This will be the third week in the last four that they actually quarterback who was the number one overall pick in the draft. Sam Bradford Michael Vick and the granddaddy of them all yeah. Peyton Manning. They're people who will tell you that Peyton Manning is the single greatest football player they have ever seen her. Not just quarterbacks greatest single player argue that the guy out there specifically what -- argue that whip but don't you it is right here and I'd like -- wait till the end of his career which I think is quite a bit down the road before I would make a judgment like that but when you talk about the Indianapolis Colts you start with Peyton Manning -- time. MVP a Super Bowl MVP of Super Bowl winner he's played in two. He is looking where he is sixtieth career. 300 yard passing game only two of the guys have done that Dan Marino and Brett Favre Lebanon touchdowns this two picks these very careful where Eagles offense that religion -- played -- fame offensive system his entire career. It's suited to all of his skills but the Colts are not exactly rolling through this season in their past form last there were five NL. They're -- -- through there struggling the you'll -- the outlet like the struggling and they're struggling in a waiting normally do that a lot problems running the football have a lot of problems. Defending around. That's a light defense it's it's built for them to protect big lead. It's not. You know for land war in -- kind of football do you wanna attack. Acting on be physical against that defense that something with the Redskins would certainly have to do Nowitzki -- -- -- mass amounts. Smash mouth. NFC east -- right that's not difficult to. No an and that's generally what they get of course they've lost Bob Sanders again it's the safety that is the heat. Two when they played around well and worse for them and lost his backed up Melvin bull so they're kind of hurting on that side of the ball -- guys -- to watch. On that side certainly Dwight Freeney Robert Mathis really good pass rushers but as always. You wanna contain Peyton Manning. Proved more local sports he'll miss tackles. And for more video check out the F in Washington dot com.

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