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In dot com. Well -- obviously a huge week for Kyle bush and first -- -- Last week you said he was gonna win Bristol now. We didn't know he was gonna win the truck beat the nationwide and they'd be a Sprint Cup race there. Well he's already knocking on the door he almost did it last year and won't put up tell it to go out and win three different races in three of the top series the NASCAR. You've got to have an awful lot of lot just given a must be doing an awful lot of praying that occupy. Because he could've easily been wrecked when he got hit by -- Brad Kozlowski in a nationwide which is the biggest story of the weekend. And not to be able to it to come through and and still win that race it's huge it's huge feat. I got it again and they said it all week well. They got anybody can probably. Reproduce that are doing against terror but he might do it again this year. -- with totally amazing when you talk about the Kozlowski -- What what do you think and when when you're looking at this. Well first all you know everybody all the sudden started poor Brett or Brad. But they forget why this is going on there's a reason that he's had problems with Denny Hamlin their their reason -- had problem with Carl Edwards didn't read any problem goblet. These all these guys aren't -- ganging up audience but that's all we want we mean these guys that tussle in all but the deal is his. As a driver you're in this cockpit you cannot see your Randy relied on his spotter. And the next thing you know somebody you know even even though how got a little loose it doesn't give a guy. The right to running until HR and -- in in the truth then it was probably accident. But he hit eight so power than his car he gets hit the spotter says they've made bread just try direct yet have to have blood. -- -- and and Rex multi purpose and this thing is his -- probably would have passed him and won a race anyway. Didn't need directing god and so that's the argument there rise Megan why did he have to do that. Because because they needed any -- and in their egos so instead of -- Just. Rolen win it now he's got to make announcements on PA you know bad map and do you work on the track and and you have more fans. It depends on than a team high gas up off our right well -- know we're going to suck suck. And can be sometimes right. Next next isn't he said Chris Miller. -- -- Andy don't really well -- on those postcard you know the a lion Tamer I think. Are so be it next season's schedule comes out for the Sprint Cup Series a few changes. You got Atlanta losing the spring race is going to Kentucky. California Speedway loses a race now when -- Candace. And then in the first race of the year in the are the first race and he. Chase is no longer Chicago land in New Hampshire goes back or in image Catalanotto -- goes back to number two yeah. The only thing I don't like about it is is Chicago. In New Hampshire are are close that the same kind of tracks so. Neither one of them bring in the real excitement that he would want going into the chase but I think the change is good I think the overall schedule changes good. I really think -- need to cut back to one race at almost all these tracks other than a place like Daytona and Bristol. May be Indy or something like that but I think it changes are really good overall it's great to see. Kansas come into the fold negate. Their race. And conducted -- Kentucky get there thinking of the kitten a second race. And again you got California was really hurting yeah so it was great to take one away you gotta appreciate Elena. But later we'll do much better with their one race more people fill the stands for that one rates than -- so all the changes look good and I'm really glad NASCAR was able to get it done. Get altering series out schedule out now it also helps people like me and everybody trying to get sponsorship in and to get things in place for next year now but you never know never done soon enough. Yeah well there's no doubt and I mean when you talk about sponsorship and they kind of the economics of everything. If you look at what happens is happening with the Nationwide Series they are cutting purses now by 20%. You all seen it or start and parks -- -- that Izzy well. Here's the deal that the truck series you know if you if you start the truck series and market you're looking at maybe get a nine to 101000 done well. In the nationwide -- didn't somewhere between 121416. Down depends where you -- so it's gonna bring it down to almost that level. I think it's at its gonna put a lot of start Parker's park for did. Wow well a huge job good news story is obviously Brian Vickers cleared to race once again. He was suffering from blood clots -- heart surgery and back what does this mean for him. Well it means he's still got a life yeah it. He was coming along with -- red believe with them from the beginning he won a race last year he sat -- polls he's a really good driver he developed fast. And I'm I'm very happy to hear that news that's the best -- up aren't allowed -- because that to have your career end on situation like that is is a tough deal. So it'll be exciting to see him back next year and admit it puts a lot of pressure on Red Bull now with Kasey Kahne coming in the poll do. Yeah -- what does that what does that mean is it is Scott Speed now I think he's out yeah. It you know he's he's 47 points right now. You know he needs to do better it's his second really almost third year in the race and if you don't get it done. You're not gonna hang around. And the neat thing about Red Bull is rebel those those teams who so they have a lot of money and they can dictate and that they have that they -- to really where about make anybody happy. Well good for Brian Vickers haven't seen him back Sprint Cup Series is off this weekend -- backs so we got -- -- to talk about. Well there's racing next week well ones from comes on the beltway. We -- -- -- tell I don't let -- nationwide and the truck race at Bristol were much better than the cup race anyway yeah those kind of -- the best races coming up at Richmond anyway. All right I don't not at all if. When did you check out season Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com big. Two seasons ago through store and racked up 43 saves at the nationals primary closer. Last year Tyler to assume the role when storm was injured and ended the regular season with 3262. Close friends were taken aback at. When they heard Rafael Soriano was now the presumptive closer but have come to grips with the reality. I wouldn't have expected them to come so that's the best thing that could ever happen to the team sure they want both wanna close but they also. So that you know Ed going to be you. A big boost for us because the guy's talented talented guy. Drew and and and Clippers their their both their are professionals they understand the business. His game. And Davey Johnson as a manager who likes to really utilizes bullpen. Guys are gonna get a chance to pitch hit it there. The back end of games and it really really strengthens our ball club and makes the game order. Just how do you approach season when. You may not have the exact same role he ended the last day you don't really change your approach in Austria. All the conditioning and all in all the work you put towards its all the same this you know because when you're thrown out the bullpen and you're going to be in big spots and that's that's kind of the funding available and then here despite yeah throw from day to day in my field a different you know. It could be did you know you can't really lock down the game from the cemetery I think that's one of the things I learned last year that looks with a lot of fun. For Charlotte's one inning it is and you know especially pitchers for a winning team it's just in the big thing anyway justice those last three innings for just. We can be the best in the game there's no doubt about it that that's where we wanna be. I think with the type of club that we have we need to be to get tour wanna go to. We have a lot of experience down there. Pitching in big games crucial situations. We're gonna in endure a lot of that stuff throughout the 2013 campaigns so. I think you know if we see if we sat here and said anything different and then we're not we don't have a has a right. Think Giroux each other both have good heads on the shoulders and understand. You know the roles that they're gonna need to play for a team to be successful. Have been three closers at the back end of our bullpen I don't think necessarily is ever bad things. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Whether he's given up ten goals and his first two games or four goals in his most recent two games British Colby's demeanor has remained at the same. And the front office has taken note of the progress. Little more refined now and that's usually what happens with is me. Get some experience and he's he's found his game again his office game earlier in the year. It's one thing that is so prior is just over a slot hmmm. You know earlier on I think go to more it was there is I think it would have been. The competitive side immune to it got really frustrated but when you break it down you just try and now I'm not not think the scores nothing you know just think of the the shot the goals are going in and break them Lansing that's why we're. Tom is easier to keep and even keel. Meanwhile defenseman John Erskine has major minutes this season and he was also rewarded with a two year extension for which is defensive partners thankful. Hard on guys and in and not harm us our our new system or. You know he'd he'd Dodgers loosened. I sound that have gotten. You know to get up did Islam were enjoying the play and and just be involved maybe not even touched the puck but just. You know be involvement in outlets the other guys greatest owns his physical play. And you know with a new coach except coming in this kind of clean slate for everybody and he impressed us and play well and you know that we've been talking body couldn't handle hasn't handled too many minutes before and was having more product of just never got them and he's he's played well. More good news for the caps defenseman Mike Green told us he's a 100%. And he will be in the lineup Tuesday against Carolina. CSN Washington dot com.