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In dot com. Welcome back torn up by Donald Dell and -- international tennis hall framework afoul of the Legg Mason turned it's going on right now. Ask you about that. But the sports agency business you you've. No in and out and I'd ask him a couple subjects. -- -- with blue and gold wood two of these NBA NFL contracts and Sam Bradford senator fifty million guaranteed Tom Brady's out they're going. Well this tournament and I got their rings only -- agent supply. Whether NBC BA sort of to renegotiation as they try to maybe scale those countries talent assume this -- -- -- -- is redistributed to the play. I think the agent played a role with the players association supporting him and everywhere because we have the same problem closer to the NBA situation and I and the NFL -- We represent Joaquim Noah for example who doubles but. No I think truthfully at the agents can't really change -- impact they can have a lot to say. To the players association trying to support them give them ideas give them arguments to be supportive. Bringing the players together that's where they can really help -- because. You know in these block -- which nobody's talking about a meat. It's not a fair fight her at the television monies are okay -- been in the season that all season ticket renewals yeah a lot of times have done in the -- the owners have that money -- but the television money's everything and hit a five year billion dollar contract. And so you're one team in your plane with two billion dollars -- players' association union dues. You talk but it David Goliath matchup that's what concerns me that is there won't be a level playing field because of the money. Are a lot of players -- -- the agents are warning them and Sox a morning away. This could be didn't critically think guys -- -- I I think the smart ones are I know darn well basketball we're saying that the players all the time because you gonna have to. Have some stream of revenues fall under dry up next July -- this to the walk out or the block a what are you wanna call and will start July 1 yet. You'll start October 1 there. So then you have nowhere to practice. He had no coaches no nothing checks are coming nothing's coming off. NBA do you think what do you think we're really headed toward the possibility of of what -- let me say that this on the greatness of Paul Tagliabue. In my mind and Gene Upshaw was that kept the railroad running yeah seventeen years but I think it's terrible mistake for the sport. To have a lockout now the NFL has their own issues in the NBA it was David Stern. Who's very very capable. At least they're showing the players audited figures that I felt that he came out -- out of a book so we're losing money you'll nobody believes implies -- -- -- in the NBA. Sister's been very smart he's showing audited figures. And he's saying you know we lost 387 million dollars I don't know that's true and -- -- out from the statements so I think I think it's very. Very doubtful. I think the players are gonna try everything to get a fair deal without a lock out in the NBA I can't really speak to the NFL not that close to the players what a tragic people. No ending a wonderful for you only see that's much like Obama -- you know I always say this is like. When two elephants fight he found the grass is hurt and that's what's happened here. I -- your right. What do wanna teach on this sort of in the leg -- scorer and a great great here beautiful the weather looks like -- will be all right a little -- -- -- hot we'd rather yeah cooler but. We've got a phenomenal field you know we raise the prize money a year ago 2000005. And we have -- for the top ten in the world planting you know and it's just you know it's it's changed the whole dynamics one of the things really helped us is that. The next two weeks following one. Are mandatory entry speed and for you know and since that. The players have to. So your playing in Europe and you say -- I have to go to. Toronto and Cincinnati was -- clintons -- get to be seen traffic. There's one place that I mean cement for the becoming from place so it helps us a lot the dates but it sure as it churned into -- More more of a desperation tournament that something may think that the music here. Obviously products that they weren't sent queries again we're just discussing a nice -- where we have on the show a couple weeks -- he was talking about you prepared to US open. So if you found that it. More more top players are. A bullet I think really changes the top Europeans are -- there Verdasco seeded. Thomas verdict was the finals of Wimbledon this year he'll be you know Federer to big match and upset in the quarters he seeded number one. Products to. Verdasco from Spain is a terrific players three. In any of those guys can win the term now there's a whole host of players Lleyton Hewitt come. The fourth players a guy you never heard of named Celek them but he's a heck of a play here he could win the tournament. And so the foreigners are now coming over a week early. To get used to the cement that's what's changed that prize money baby and the -- I don't really plus BC -- I don't I would imagine players. Like coming to this. They do like horse and we have a great new hotel downtown Washington and Washington hotel right there two blocks from the White House who -- a big player party last night the the players really enjoy part of Washington Georgetown it's a fun city that that's does that help prevent it picks up tomorrow off a lot of a lot of big Willis. Stewart obviously you know there tomorrow get today's the first round James Blake who won it. Couple years ago is back he's playing the feature match tonight. Tomorrow erotic play a feature match. Blake and ancient god that a lot of -- lot of injuries seems -- he's a tremendous catch a break then he you know he's a wonderful. Talented guy went to Harvard two years and it came off from college and got in the top ten in the world. So you know he's talented. But he said knee problems he has the arm problem. He hit the net -- and cracked his neck that you that and he was out for almost a year well that's really hurt them a lot you know indeed if you you have played -- -- confidence or. Not in shape. Could you could see him back and it's the other doom and you know some names other news format great course attic so it'll be fun to go go check -- the leg mason -- always enjoyed talking to -- appreciated thanks coach Erica. Please I hope you -- -- -- sweet anytime you like sweet 28 they've cut off. You Cubs have beer and we get everything on their -- and serious condition it's air division and we served dinner at seven so accommodating a bit appreciate your body. 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