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Dot com -- anyone that's tough followed this team in the progression of the players on this team feels like you know yet it did a great job putting the group but here they were set up her run to the semifinals like they'll never be again I mean yeah I had gone I don't win. -- lie in the quarterfinals I mean you're avoiding Spain Germany Argentina Brazil Italy currently France's daily bread and all the power houses are gone to the US -- set up here for -- run and how the team to do it and they just didn't play well in key moments he can't give up early goals. Think. You don't like Paul said you're looking for progression from from this team it's a four year cycle there's only you know only once every four years you can show that you're ready to make the next step. Now you're talking about. Overhauling the defense probably you don't know. Everybody from Dempsey did Donovan is gonna be four years older in their thirties. And you don't know how -- to door will develop and strikers were well developed. There's all these questions. Until we get to the next one -- say okay now can they take that next that this felt like a little bit of a stall. Kind of for fun the other day just the other day I was looking -- kind of definitely the thirty man roster would be and there are twenty at least twenty spotlight on grass coming up and you're right they're the biggest Bulls are on the back line where everyone with experience is going to be a lot of older. And you don't know they're gonna be in the team and -- a top. Which has been an issue with the -- but none of the Ford scored. How much we'll Jozy Altidore grow -- Charlie Davies get back to where he was. What can I haven't had a poor school in the last two World Cup's yet it's been an excellent on midfielders and yet that's that's an issue but I'd be. Look at what he's getting -- -- it'll be because he'll probably be you know -- -- -- Corey -- said earlier it's probably more pertinent right now. How can you played this -- four games and not learn the lesson that kid at first five minutes count mental willingness. -- game against Ottawa stunning because it is in -- it happened twice yeah what do you like for the American World Cup team typically. The only thing that you can't you can't. Baskets seem to come from behind four times in one World Cup this is not gonna happen and you've still -- -- did they were very good that. Packing and then after they got their goal in overtime and a great time out with was all hold for the game itself. On the net and pretty -- pretty smart strategy with what the strategy it in the rural almost catch up fast. Stomach is gonna pretend to be yergin Klansman but those whose work fast their schools and when they had chances to make plays. He did it we did and we had multiple chances and one on ones. I didn't finish and that's why is that why you really questioned some of a lot of could have eliminated Robbie can only starting a top. He's never had composure in front of the net he's -- for speed. His speed doesn't matter against Ghana so why make that decision and to Clark a lot of people felt like Clark should not have been in the starting lineup at all the World Cup. Bradley feels like he's reliable twice he did -- and how we're -- does your lover played I think better than he's ever played in the national who went after his first performance I think he earned a starting job and even more if they do in the midfield would have been better spent an option and better immediately better strength. It was cute too -- 31 minute -- delayed the start of the top that -- -- -- -- the president of the US soccer federation. Link comment today and I thought -- called it refreshing I mention that my last call. Al West Point blankly satisfied with the finished well wishers who should have gone -- with a through ball Bob Bradley his contract ends December. Each we know we try to hire here in Queens and four years ago imagined in the two former German. Star did you do that -- you stick -- Bradley for another cycle I think the the answer the question. Are you satisfied hatched the B no because what are your goals long term I'm you've been to this stage before what -- your goals are okay -- -- putt it past group play every year that's that's not much of leadership position that. Now how does that affect Bradley I mean that's an interesting and and the next big question -- horror for USA soccer or remember after the ninety World Cup with project twenty tending goal with two win the World Cup in this cycle now that's not all Bradley ball. But I want -- and -- Galati that in -- comments today was you know I would like us who don't perhaps -- win it with Bob and talk about some decisions. And that to -- says -- think in the same thing about and a lot of puts his do I think that Bradley is gonna be around I don't know golf that he read between the lines and one of his it Twitter blog but instead. -- looks like he might get on his way out you're in Clinton is a great option and he's back in LA went back in LA he's back in the US he's. He's settled and he knows the system he knows the players. He knows Donovin I mean it is he he seemed like a very logical choice is broke because it it it was. We don't know the exact reason -- Clinton and didn't get didn't. You've accomplished and with the implication was he would -- he's gonna have an upset friend I would imagine he wants to have a safe from everywhere from that. All the way to the bottom graded there you walk out they're developing players on the youth level you Tony -- Williams wasn't level and I don't care chair and and I think that he I think also I think the US has made huge strides in the last two years in in youth development and they're coming you point -- Europe which is unheard -- for US player and it these last four years have. Given him some more leverage -- okay you didn't get the result you wanted. Think I shouldn't have any sense yeah here's what I think here's my plan here's. Plan from you seventeen opera what whatever and and now. Bob Bradley didn't get -- that next step. You definitely Italian -- and you're there we'll say this so badly that I when I loved and it's not his fault that I would love had -- Oh absolutely a lot of your emissions don't mean Germany and -- ballot and we move right on the line. Got to beat -- -- -- their best player -- so. So that you wanted to -- -- -- contenders cup too little performance last in the game's momentum he's getting shot a job this year. We would further than present Italy someone would have told you that yeah totally yeah illegally or right or do teams. That brought -- three coaches in previous cycle. Italy and France it looked like about. You know no doubt and I certainly Bradley will be evaluated and they -- -- it time to do it and you're gonna wanna bring in a smart soccer my neck and develop players because like act that. There are lot of spots open. And there are a lot of -- twenty kids that haven't proven himself on the senior level that are gonna have to do and the next three years and even -- pointer. Freddie -- dues right and guys like that that are gonna have to come and that perhaps. Step in the big world it's. Check out Houston Washington dot com. Yeah.



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