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Russ Thaler stops by WPL to discuss the Top 10 moments of the last decade- 4/11



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  2. DC united0:58
  3. Alexander Ovechkin3:13
  4. US open0:37
  5. Alex Ovechkin3:03
  6. Dan Snyder3:24
  7. King Abdullah0:33
  8. Maryland0:55, 0:56, 2:00
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Mon, 11 Apr 2011|


Hopper left collectively as the Comcast sports. The decade I've wanted to -- Sunday. Give -- that shot and hitting the earth is include where the tournament and it looked. Would you -- tournament could have went a little supplies that -- higher. -- -- to follow candidate because Taylor joins us off when you don't look. I did make a little bit on it or not breaking it and they hit the -- capsules with a minute I. But yeah Billie Jean King Abdullah both have been previously you write these united US open cup won here yet what -- -- What what are we would like I wanna let me know that they're all good on the quick uncovered them all I was here and John you -- have been around for all this you cover them all in. It's all personal opinion what you think -- Sean Taylor's. Dad was a shock. -- gives returning I think was a shock and Maryland when he. But Maryland won a national championship during during our ten years DC united won an MLS cup and -- championship tonight our our. A big deal he can't go wrong with any of the stories on the list but that does not create an argument it can be -- like this guy who had to shoot for OK I know this is the Redskins camp. And -- Taylor's death was tragic yes. But the number one story was Merrill winning the national champs and it's not like his talent with a lot titles in girls yeah -- anyway well in the last twenty years yeah. That that was enough and the number two story with baseball coming back to DC over -- -- yet good news story and yes. 33 years and well 33 years without -- -- -- -- allegedly regularly on the against came back and I know is a big deal how many how many symbols of the women in gives to two playoffs yet. Okay so if the big story and I think mentioned -- handle what your color you -- Carolina where he didn't make the playoffs kick it to -- just -- -- was Chicago they lose your job that it breaks that -- it was a big story should be on the list. Won his Maryland winning the national championship to his baseball coming back to come. If you -- the shot to the story -- -- get redskin nation. It away that get into mineral resources I've -- -- have been -- seven years really and it still has -- -- I mean there. How would you he talks opened again while -- didn't always agree and I but it doesn't do well -- -- -- you you you you driver really got a reason why they drafted somebody out. -- just tell it. When you drive around town and and so he's 21. Logos off on people's cars what do you do that the people and how much -- into the brigade approach everything as measured but. People go sports talk radio that he. They continue to talk about a went on the anniversary of his -- you know people come out and taught me. I mean look I I'm you know -- I covered the Redskins are doing -- Jonathan. Like this to the Redskins -- for federal rule everywhere and ten years yeah do this again we'll John Walden didn't do what was in the -- picked me. It couldn't. -- happen between now and then I I honestly the -- for surgeons but drafting of Alex Ovechkin might might end up being. Much higher in not only in -- wouldn't put it that brings that into that high -- and it -- a -- and the drafting of Alexander Ovechkin could end up. Changing the tenor of this. Count as a sport and certainly of the hockey. Thirty -- in a lot of ways -- -- top story in ten years will be Dan Snyder selling the Redskins. As I can do that is if it happens it'll be but it kind of going back. Felt I let that what you're an idiot and this is your kid these are -- is now but yeah.