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Chris Miller wraps up the Wizards season on WPL-4/13



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  2. Danny Granger2:09
  3. Mike Miller3:07
  4. Atlanta Hawks0:28
  5. LeBron James2:33
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Wed, 13 Apr 2011|


CS in Washington dot com. Well Chris it's over. They Wizards some fans would like to believe that this is going forward we know we have John Wall. Why else I'd be optimistic about the future of this club that just had a horrific season which went to road games. -- upon going to be in the top five pick and another -- selection you come and of June and draft they have another one at. Probably eighteen or nineteen with the Atlanta Hawks at the first round pick -- -- Brian Jordan Crawford over and it got an early second round pick which music and continue to have. Some young players come here hopefully guys that wanna play wanna compete every night like John Wall like Jordan Crawford AKA never scared the and guys like that so. You know assisting us here at this caps game tonight you know reporting on and kind of makes you miss NBA basketball playoff wise here in this town is just. You know as I hear the crowd -- that just think about those cavs -- series and Donald disorganization gets back to that much sooner than later. Usage of parallels well -- -- -- -- moves this town I would go to cavs games and people -- -- to a rocket and DCX. -- -- -- slowly building with young players like Alex Ovechkin Seminoles scored that goldeneye. So maybe that's the whole for the Wizards who who you -- -- on. For those big long balls I disagree -- of the fourth most ping pong balls in the draft -- dinner points got I want from Arizona will be a draft. You know this is a weak draft from every GM and executive that I talked to you know. Derrick Williams carrier Irving account that too sexy names out there there are a lot of international player that zero don't say zero I really don't don't. I don't wanna say it. What some pressure off. And I don't want another test in the building so. You know there in a position now where I've -- if you don't get one of those top two picks and a guy like Harrison bars decides he wants to go back to Carolina -- soldier goes back to Ohio State. You -- a limited with what you get and I don't know I asked this question today to a couple people -- last you. Is his organization and a place now where if you get a top five asset and you decide you wanted to traded to another team. It try to get a veteran piece back the guy like maybe I don't know Danny Granger like that. Is this organization at as stable place now in terms of its rebuilt to do something. Mike -- wanted out here like he was Shawshank redemption. Who was to come here and -- was registered thirty million dollars to you wanna play without Duke was definitely in this policies. That's why I asked that because when you considered it you have a franchise changing point guard. You know a lot of times people talked about LeBron James like everybody want to go to Cleveland play LeBron but the reality and that was Larry Hughes went there to play in the Wednesday so. Yeah I'm I'm interested to know. Does John Wall have enough cash days for a veteran -- look at him ago. I think I can score a lot of buckets with this kid passed me the ball that's the question so. If this is -- four draft my question is what the Wizards are they at a place now where they could take that asset if it's a wee dram. And ship -- off to another team to bring in a young veteran player. -- -- that we've seen we saw with him anymore ready for Mike Miller assured deal that didn't work out. And so I guess we're gonna find out front of a full of stars futures will be fun to be over for us congress forced a man how the hockey game. It was great I enjoyed it you don't not enough score from the you know how many NBA guys need to see you know a little more action you know -- The crowd was amazing tonight cavs fans deserve a lot of credit for the way they bring energy. I wish I could've got two in the penalty box on -- issue an alum make it have been out here count. You know now I'm not take or -- you -- -- CS in Washington dot com.

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