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WPL: Ivan Carter talks with Jason Chimera-4/22



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Fri, 22 Apr 2011|


See -- in Washington dot com. Function review score the big goal but really I mean I'll take credit for the interview the other night pretty much my karma just like. They -- -- regular that you mayor jerseys something what. Yes on the island of affiliate pretty closer to -- we -- college on Brothers on on -- the other day in the system. -- it will apply lunch at McDonald's so some cheap you know of Ben's chili bowl in Houston you pretty popular mean the two Brothers love Jason -- shouldn't expect. Eventually balloons that if it's in all seriousness and beat the goal celebration. What we think and there will be going for -- live arm kinda deal. It was cool to your mind there with with celebration until -- people I think -- black oak tree that used to I think it's that. It's just you know we have the feeling comes over -- -- ever had -- -- -- -- a few teammates. Which is some sort of them -- ready for a fast but the kind of guy has so. I think at some reminded I don't know that what it was doing much it. Like alias that like Oden was just isn't as good feelings which are. You got a chance in this big man. Let's do the skated Dolan what's the key to that quick start will give me a break down how you get this thing always have been trying -- Well you know they're gonna work -- hardy always worked hard and we got it's it's. We work hard asses duplicate things beyond its. They're not coming here rolled over that's for sure we gotta we that -- in the fourth he's always so hard to get so we gotta get there and everything again. It's going to be as the underdogs by tomorrow. And in school in this one not just I want I want to be on the payroll. We might might get divorced when we live together who -- in the fifth. Well that's went to a total but. I kids in the game get babies that are Donnelly kids look at it and we can't we can work around the conference I think it's gonna have good -- -- -- met at. CS in Washington dot com.

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