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Joe Beninati and Ryan O'Halloran on the Capitals' Game 5 win over the Rangers-4/23



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Sat, 23 Apr 2011|

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Everybody right -- and CS -- Washington dot com here with the voice the capitals Jobe and I. They finally wrapped up in lessons having games and a three of richer for this franchise. All right it's good feeling you know they've had this business like approach for awhile now we've all talked about the conversion from high octane running gun offensive style hockey a more. Matter of fact buttoned up defense of style hockey for them to achieve their goals. Finish this series quickly get themselves maybe. -- 45 days it could be potentially. Of rest and healing time I think this is exactly what the doctor ordered and a job very well done I think you know all those stay angry T shirts. I think a lot of it stems back to that first ten minutes from game five against Montreal. By their own admission they were dreadful and -- And they learned their lesson. And the first ten minutes so this afternoon they push they had eight of the first ten shots my memory serves correctly a couple of power play opportunities that really helped. Then get established offensively. And -- deceit and cracked through with that first goal meant everything and I think -- you could feel collective sigh of relief on the bench and the stand. New York had seven shots halfway through the game in and know they -- -- a -- step up a little bit but Michael -- -- -- pretty much had to shut out meaning given to go 31. How much house treasury by his performance through this whole serves in all I'm not gonna say that I am surprised down. I think in having spent some time in the American Hockey League almost five years myself. I think -- that league really does develop players properly first shot the NHL level we all know the success that Michaels had the Calder cup playoffs. And I think it's gonna convey foreign he has that kind of confidence it's a quiet confidence it's simmers under the surface. But the players in that dressing room to tell you know what he burns to win. And he makes the simple play I think today he was stopping the puck more than we've seen covering it pouncing on it why. Get the crowd more involved make the saves get the crowd roared its own teammates a chance to catch their breath. I thought he played perfectly to let it to the letter of the game plan. And and I'm not surprised by and I really the caps have three really good ones to go to increase the other one of those guys who have -- last year was Carlson -- got a little bitter taste in games have but this is really his first big opportunity. -- you set off camera you really the got a flies under the radar how how how steady it was he answers super. I mean just super John Carlson is gonna get a lot of headlines in the accolades for the two weight gain that he has and he has a lot of offensive potential. I think more high scoring then then Carl does. But Carl's always in the right place the right time. And coaches and scouts talk about defenders having a great stick. For example Nicholas Lidstrom for example robs the -- guys who are gonna kill you guys are gonna put you in the to the ninety role but there -- always going to be in the right shape and the right place and -- stick position as excellent to block passes to block shots I think Carl does that. He handled very good speed matchup in Marion average in this series and I think he relishes the opportunity to face the other team's top guns. Hit another great stick got a Scott and -- I thought I usually -- Brewster is there were five assists and I would totally agree that it. Shows that guys who are gonna score but they're given -- puck on the net but. Also on defense Mike Green could just a little today to go shop -- they had eyes on the bench in the third period. Wasn't made available to reporters as sailors for their you know their rule but. Hypothetically let's say he isn't available. If you put Collins then and who and they also Wideman. You know you have to wonder about it news and you hope that Mike is intent on facing another one of those head injuries which kept -- -- for so long. It's scary was a terrible break I couldn't help but smack my fist. Well on the table today when it happened because I feel so badly form I know how hard he's worked to get back. And how much he wants to be a part of this. And I'm hoping fingers crossed that he will be you brought Scott had his name I think it's terrific we were talking before this interview began. But what I do -- a day where I'm not working I watch Scott Hannan a lot today he's an amazing traffic cop and for and that he's always communicating. Talking guys through and I think he's been a wonderful addition what you see on the ice is excellent before what I'm told what you see what you don't see behind closed doors. In that dressing room from the likes of Hannah and Jason -- has been massive to this team that leadership type approach has been terrific. If you have to plug a defender and I'm gonna lean towards Shawn Collins I think college -- get the call over Sloan at this point of the year there. Here you mentioned had indeed this season really turned after that dreadful lost LA at home where he called a players only meeting when Bruce is get ready go and very -- the last second. So we obviously he can 'cause he knows the room well enough evenly hasn't been here a long time but. You mention are not. -- he obviously leadership to stuff. These are -- a seminal -- did you see did you see such a kick a little bit warns us against just. Being energetic being more involved on the back checked being a little bit conscientious. In the defense his own number 828. Are gonna be he. Are going to be the guys you count upon the defense is all what you count on them at the other -- the other under the -- if Jason -- can -- the right things and Alex -- a year. And get him to beat. Fully invested than we know about his skill set. And he's just a tremendous player I thought that third goal was tremendous the pass from Johansson at one point had to beat I don't know foot and a half off the ice. Seven short hops it past a world class goalie like Lundqvist. That shows you that the caps still do have their breakout ability offensively even with this mindset of defense first which they hope will carry them along way here this spring. You mentioned your class -- -- against other players on his first playoff series but he got better as the week went along and I thought in the game six especially here -- game forced that he was brilliant but. You -- its first Marcus could you are you concerned only if this is a long run -- just may run out of gas or is he sort of built different I don't think he's gonna hit a wall I really don't I think we would have already seen that instead. That you just said he's cresting upwards. I think he's only getting better. And as the season goes along and all the bumps and bruises accumulate and teams get tired this the toughest tournament to win a professional sports I'd say. And I don't think I get much -- an argument on that I think the guys the best skating legs are gonna be the biggest contributors. All of a sudden Jason she married now is a threat every time he's on the ice because he shot out of a cannon. Johansson skates in the similar vein in -- just public the chemistry that they have together I would you know again in a perfect world Mike Knuble is healthy soon we don't know. And you can put Mike back in the top line with Alex and neck and you could put that line back of a -- -- Hudson -- like that trio is is very very good -- -- -- maybe he'll be back but if they're troopers through drug drug attend subsequent well. How much time has too much time off -- know it's a fair question the other red wings are gonna think about that too they swept very quickly they're gonna wait for an opponent Al west. I think there may be a little bit more versed at winning series quickly in and learning how to project. What my practice patterns going to be what days off for going to be -- we gonna -- controlled scrimmage is but I'm sure Bruce who drove from -- from his past book. At at every level of hockey where he's gone deep in the playoffs has had some instances like this I'm sure he'll yield obviously canvas the room. Get a get a feel for this group take their temperature if you will. And know when to take days off know when to go hard know when to just a state of video but this is this is a very very good thing if you look at the last five Stanley Cup winners. Four of the 51 their first round series in six Anaheim back in 07 beat Minnesota in five. Like Montreal office for obvious reasons I think Brian and that so what I think adding twelve OK there's more than one obvious threes and yes going to Montreal and visiting that city and spending some time there is terrific. But I think there's payback in mind you know ended. I I I think the world of Carey Price litigation outstanding goaltender he's -- threaten any seven game series should it be Montreal. But Ryan Miller scares me to death. And Ryan Miller has that ability and we've seen that. Against Philadelphia. And yes I think Buffalo has improved its play. Moving forward do you they would be uninteresting number seven seed for the caps to face but. To me I'd prefer to be Montreal yet I think I think I think those two series are destined for seven games Montreal Boston. We gonna do any lacrosse games this week what period time -- I have no idea what's going I'm supposed to I was at the mix for number one against number two Syracuse and Notre Dame but I don't know what to do it. It's coming up in a week's time. All right who -- we wrap the bridge earlier you can read his blog on our website it's just so Washington dot com clubs and stuff up throughout the weekend. And that's on the the second round for the capitals for John Ryan take care.

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