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Football Fix: Draft Difference Makers, picks 9-16



  1. Aaron Kampman3:35
  2. Ronnie brown3:18
  3. Mike Shanahan0:46
  4. Jared Allen1:48
  5. Houston Texans1:11
  6. Detroit Lions2:01
  7. Minnesota Vikings2:00
  8. Washington Redskins0:43
  9. Peyton Manning3:48
  10. Dallas Cowboys0:18
Sun, 24 Apr 2011|


Welcome back national football post Comcast sports net 2011. Mock draft eight picks already in the books will pick it up at. Number nine with the Dallas Cowboys -- you're on the clock. New head coach in Dallas Jason Garrett took over at in the last year what's gonna need to direction for this team in the top ten in the first round. You know with Tyrone Smith offered to tackle the receiver all agree watched him on tape. He's athletic he's got top -- ability this is a Jerry Jones -- -- -- -- in the athlete bring in the power player he's an immediate upgrade you have to block. Flocked to Russian -- We stick with the NFC east move to the Washington Redskins 1 o'clock at pick number ten in a Snyder Mike Shanahan. The team that's been in the basement for awhile NFC east how they gonna get out. Well this team has so many needs Joe and I think they'd love to get out of that ten spot acquire second third round pick grab a quarterback at some play makers. But that depth in this draft at the defense -- line positions you Robert Quinn -- defensive end from UNC. He can stand up across from Brian Orakpo create pressure off the edge I think he's the pick if the Redskins have to -- to. Is this your Houston Texans finally break through and get themselves a playoff. If it is this pick could be one of the reasons why Greg who -- Houston like at number eleven. Houston is a glaring need in the secondary. It was with the weakness of the defense -- last year from some Marcum are still there I think this can be their pick in -- -- trade up. To make sure -- -- -- us a solid corner the Vikings at number twelve needs on both sides of the ball they could think about a quarterback Brett Favre is gone. As far as we know right now. Or they can look at -- if -- the ball which is getting older and older upfront with each passing year not much you that there let's -- someone -- complete opposite Jared Allen. Let's go with the best value on the board Dequan -- defense -- Clinton there's some concerns about the knee but he falls this far it's too good of a pick at number twelve they've got a ticket agent value. I'm gonna go at it one -- to the Minnesota Vikings the Detroit Lions step on the clock now surprising team last year they're acting prime time playing on Monday night. Who is Jim Schwartz and I think this year to continue the rebuilding. Things can go offensive tackle here but with all the Smith that the president Missouri still on the board -- got a rush to pass from -- FC north. To compete with Green -- Chicago guy get after the quarterback he speed off the edge athletic. A lot of flexibility with him position wise what you're doing your sub packages -- -- Saint Louis fell one game short of winning the NFC west qualified for playoffs last year there close Steve Spagnuolo he's got a moving in the right direction. -- you like in the first round for the Rams last I think if the. Rams see Julio Jones on the board anywhere around and -- -- to doping -- and what he's he's not there they need to address the interior of the defense the line. Corey -- from illinois' Scott increased pressure as a three technique can stop the run has some -- -- I like legit help open up the interior defense. Tony Sparano is a -- coach on a short leash in Miami and he's played very tough division in the AFC east. Who's gonna be the pick try to salvage his job and keep him moving forward with the Dolphins. They've been very need at quarterback position but right now it's too early to take quarterback they can look to move back. But they can't make the trade then they're gonna try to upgrade the running back situation go with mark Ingram from Alabama. Ronnie brown and Ricky Williams are both free agents they may not be. Angela would also be on the market as well they're looking for running back when you look at my. I'm sorry that's an odd Jacksonville final pick of -- through. The Jaguars could go to Q directions it seems like they're always trying tickets yet they sign Aaron Kampman recently green bag. This is a team that's still needs to generate a better pass rush how many think Ryan Kerrigan the defense bent out of Purdue high motor guy you guys always talk about he's -- -- minute -- its impact. That division you gotta get after Peyton Manning and you gotta get after not shop Wendell Bryant -- in the number sixteen to Jacksonville so when you take a look at the eight picks it just won't support. Greg we'll start with you this time which of those players you think that the biggest impact as a rookie in 2000. Kelvin -- in Detroit because -- -- -- That would you like. Like -- the Miami look at the -- officer was for a downhill power only to openly strong grip on the global underneath them durable racked up carriers throughout these. West of the last few patients oval before which players into you as being high impact. On the -- -- like opens this. You know we felt so many guys leagues do differently here that. -- all -- -- -- a lot of ability. Plus the versatility nickel situations could fit inside as well six through all that pocket after a favorable. But it's pretty 444. Record. Veteran players continue to. Fly off the board as we've completed the first half. Well first round of the 2011 and happy Comcast sports net -- -- when it opens why would you -- about Pirates with -- when that's gone so far. We can field run as we move forward.