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Football Fix: Rounding out the final 8 picks.



  1. Charles Woodson4:14
  2. Ray Lewis0:51
  3. Green Bay Packers3:32, 3:58
  4. Lovie Smith2:24
  5. Aaron Williams2:35, 2:55
  6. Atlanta Falcons1:13
  7. Baltimore Ravens0:46
  8. Chicago Bears2:21
  9. New Orleans Saints1:14
  10. Pittsburgh Steelers0:48
Sat, 23 Apr 2011|

Rounding out the CSN-NFP 2011 NFL Mock Draft with our final 8 first round picks. Which of the final 8 picks will make the biggest impact. on his team?


Machine Generated Transcript

-- -- six remaining in the 2011 national football post Comcast sports net -- -- Seattle moves on the clock Pete Carroll his second year at sea -- head coach Matt. You requisite you know that the northwest won a division title last year still have a lot of -- still has a lot of work to do in Seattle who do you like your Pete Carroll this -- Excellent Jake Locker room more than it could be the pick that might -- to. The garden before falling he's fallen our draft you're talking a swing man I can play center can play guard. -- and interior of the offensive line continue to build an office on football. What's it gonna take for the Baltimore Ravens to get past the Pittsburgh Steelers is going to be an important thing for that team. Ray Lewis and -- -- -- -- younger we like last one thing that could go to defense but technique or pass rusher a linebacker spot but you have to nurture our. The offensive tackle from Mississippi State's they'll sit there Michael Oher struggled this faster -- -- what it gives them versatility. Kick him back to the right side they get -- -- there shortly after ability starting left tackle. Yeah Atlanta Falcons up ended New Orleans Saints took over the NFC south last year but Matt Ryan has still yet to win a playoff game. They're sitting here now at 27 Greg who do you like it as the pick up. You know I think that most glaring need is that the defense. Position John Abrahams that overwhelms -- two years old this year. But the same time with -- all the players off the board of the defense players off the board. The best player that they are looking at right now is another receiver -- -- from University of Pittsburgh you compare him with Roddy -- -- -- would receive them. That would give us three receivers off the board as we moved to number 28 New England Patriots come back on the clock -- their second first round. There's a lot can be done here well no New England likes to trade down like stockpile picks this could be the perfect opportunity for a team. Looking for one of those second -- quarterbacks to slip back into the first round on Thursday and get one of what if New England stays at the pick and marking -- off the board I'd like a little surprise here in the bowl the quarterback at TCU to come in. Tom Brady is not getting any younger and other things New England don't wanna hear what you eventually have to start planning. For his successor who's gonna take over what he's gone I like any -- I think he slips in his third quarterback in the first round let's move to the Chicago Bears at your home town you're familiar with this team. Lovie Smith Jerry Angelo close last year NFC championship game what do they do to get over the edge would you like to. Well Jerry Angels in the -- -- the phone ring he wants to turn on the spot morning but I'm not thrown an image of Aaron Williams a quarterback. From the University of Texas the reason why -- say that he's up to compete with Green -- They're going to be Green Bay at if you've been receiving corps the Bears need upgrades in the secondary they play a lot more cover one which is man to man. Some people think everyone thinks is a cover two team they want less -- one play -- one take we have here. So Chicago's gonna surprise some people think quarterback -- Aaron Williams west. You represented New York Jets this team keeps making it the AFC championship game. But they're just one step away from getting in the big game Rex Ryan wants to get here who's the right pick that come and help them get to where they wanna make one think it's the front seven player. Chris Jenkins got hurt the past two years I think -- loving nose tackle can anchor up front. Big failed to Phil Taylor from Baylor University. 64340. Pounds when he pleased with the motor keeps his pad level down. Think I can dominate inside -- of character concerns -- think Rex Ryan he did coach willing to overlook that. Greg the Steelers are back in the Super Bowl last year but they fell just short of winning yet another ranked the Green Bay Packers they're on the clock at 31 who do you like hear from my -- Biggest problem Steelers had blisters motion sickness this season isn't reason enough of the bunch of different people blown out of line up. Right now anyway -- bounce off of one on the board. He's he's he's he's just tackle in college who moved inside to guard that the NFL level for the future of the game textbook case of injuries that -- 32 and final pick of the first round the defending -- Green Bay Packers come on the clock the beauty about being a team like -- -- Packers is that. Player on the board here you've got -- on both sides of the ball here not real good shape they've got to sit back and do they wanna do. I think it would be to continue to get better defensively they're tough to be. Charles Woodson on the outside Clay Matthews rush the passer I'm gonna go campaign work. That's an outside linebacker hybrid out of Ohio State he comes in here he makes an impact for green -- he's got to rotate and in. Hopefully this can continue to do what they do in the NFC but. The great April. Old west and -- fort ball that does it Ross mock draft number one in the books on the defense won't true. We'll see on Thursday night.

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