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Capitals-Lightning preview with Ryan O'Halloran and NHL.com's Corey Masisak-4/28



See -- in Washington dot com. Everybody around now or incessant noise and I can hear -- capital's only mean start Friday night with -- -- it's. Tip comes back from 31 deficit they come straight to Washington. This is an advantage disadvantage either way for the capitals after we. I don't -- I think his Woodrow just said. What is it was right is that the cavs win game one they're gonna we're everyone's gonna say lightning were tired and if they don't difference in the -- -- rusty so I don't mean is that adjusting back to. Two years ago there that can Cassidy got seven to get past the Rangers and they went on the first two games against thing so. That don't a -- I don't think there's a whole lot of momentum from game to game anyway but especially not -- Peppers wants him pollute the you guys cards and it that this has to beat. Part of did you guys group but Tampa obviously Buford for years capital sentencing campuses and also ran in the Southeast Division. How -- job this you guys -- has done in a very short time. Yeah yeah I mean he had a lot of. Both of those like around here it'll be some plays there yet although all the big these beneath the thing he really did was. If they've had these big guns for awhile but he really kind of -- the depth in the guys like Nate Thompson. And Dominic Moore -- -- both -- it's used against and Pittsburgh and getting to minerals in mid season it was a big deal and just. Mean I think if anything it's more it's a culture change down there it's there it's the owners the general managers the coach. It's I mean it was a circus out for a couple years and -- -- feels like a real NHL. Or organization. It's always -- Allen orders not under federal investigation for embezzling money -- cheating but that was the last group you mention a couple of the ladies players but Stevens damp 'cause obviously often starts with them. You're you're you're talking to guys about him today. What makes him so again. All I mean I think everybody points to the shot. Right away enemies you know he's got with us you know Joe -- -- a shot -- you know that he gets off from January it's not so fast but I think that the other thing too -- so fast and I think he might be. If you took the top ten or twelve players in the league he's in that group. He's he might be the fastest of all and so I think it's it's not as he's not just one dimensional guys not to state your slavery -- he's he's a great player. If your if your Bruce through drug use. Focus on put one pair of fast time or do you really or six guys well I think that the big thing with this with a series is it. You know it's not just him in that got him got him decently and normally. During the season convincingly with this -- -- and I think you put your best guys against that line. During the Pittsburgh series he played the French Canadian guys altogether Gagne and -- in the country so it would've been obvious to see it you know do you. Do you put your best guys against you know against them closer to go the other you know -- temperature of one liners so I think the fact that they can't have. You'll -- basically for five feel pretty good putts that should give him. From a capital standpoint -- play their best game game five as the Rangers. What they would they need to better this series and maybe it gets the Rangers. I think the power play is probably one thing and you know their product going to be any better in the the game you know they're pretty good found time and think. That's the one area thing -- -- -- -- -- that's been a year long thing so if they were getting going that there would be pretty complete and you know be pretty -- stuff. -- power play today in practice was a pretty good focus and you know. They actually put four skaters against the five reasons as such I don't practice type thing but you mentioned the power play understood doesn't sound like Mike Knuble early in the series. I don't expect and his wife and play at all in the series but who who who -- who has to step -- -- -- us that was sad it is if if he's going all teams -- I think. Yeah I mean I don't play over the prospect commitment to him you have -- one point I thought he had a couple decent -- -- into the series but he only had one point against the Rangers so. -- -- -- the day you know he's kind of been bumped off the number one -- and enemies he's the playmaker in the best passer on the team so. The I would say if there's one dance team not only just powerful of the final five holes. -- well. 32 Wanamaker prediction. I think is going to be a long series. They Tampa obviously these teams know each -- haven't played six times earnings season I don't know the games but I -- capitals when the series. You know hopefully things might open hopeful that -- cities tractor -- but -- what do you think a couple of -- sisters -- and if you -- replica. Well I mean I think. I don't think words that -- grounder -- missing the capitals should win the series and it was pretty close between the two teams over the over the course of the leader but I think -- -- was gonna have their struggles and they kind of made it'll be closer than it but it was. Timing keys I think they -- of the assault roles in the and I mean he's shown he could steal some games both against them and is the thing and so it can't let him get on some sort of -- a whole lot to April. But he I'm I think. I think you do that I think you're -- the couple holes that are going slow there's down because they really rely on the power play a lot of the PGA plays positive against the Rangers against much better competition -- I think they should do it. Emphasis on much better competition. Rangers would be able to score on six on their -- answers -- so bad on the power play but should be -- adjust -- series starts Friday at seven for -- -- segments -- -- -- I've run by our citizen watch in America. 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