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Ryan O'Halloran and John Eisenberg preview the NFL draft- 4/28



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Thu, 28 Apr 2011|


Z -- in Washington dot com. Also well dressed young manner in New York City tonight waiting to hear NFL commissioner Roger Goodell say their name now -- to the lock out or what appears to be in the final days on it. Teams won't be able to trade for picks and current players but picks for picks. Fair game right now the Redskins have eight picks while the Ravens have nine but that being said now we bring in Ryan Howard from CS and Washington dot com. He's an Ashburn Virginia and John Eisenberg -- CS in Baltimore dot com joins us from points males. I haven't really quick final start with you the Redskins have the -- as we speak right. As we speak right now who -- they take. Well if he's on the board they have to take offense because they need playmakers -- Alabama receiver Julio Jones Cincinnati may take him Cleveland may take -- but if you said that attempt. Redskins shouldn't trade down Michigan a guy who can -- whoever is playing quarterback can help scored touchdowns this team offensively that really struggled last year. John the Ravens sit at 26 they've had some pretty good luck with that number with Ray Lewis back in the neighborhood and they select. If if Jimmy Smith the quarterback from Colorado is still there 26 I think they take Jimmy Smith. I have my doubts about whether he will be there 26. I think if he's not there they're looking to the defensive line Cameron Heyward I would say defensive end. From Ohio State they haven't used a first round pick on defensive player since 2006 and it's time to do it tireless flipped the script here. John I want you to pick -- the Redskins take at -- Who the Redskins take at ten well -- is talking about whoever's gonna throw to him. I think that that they need a quarterback long term there's a lot of quarterbacks is a lot of debate about the quarterbacks. I think the Redskins that go for Jake Locker from Washington. Brian Ravens at 26 you're on the board now. John Marguerite Thomas. Is the best one of the best cover corners in the draft has some character she's -- background but the stats the Ravens to get an infusion of youth. I -- complete this and it's right I'll start with you. Cam Newton will be what. Could be a serviceable NFL quarterback these two gifted athletically to be a bust he's going to be put in a great situation with coaching. Patients the Carolina whom they have nothing those magic himself I'd say he's going to be five to -- your starter. John Cam Newton will be what. I Cam Newton will be the first pick in the draft it's not as simple as that looks there's a lot of thought. About this guy in the league I mean there's a lot of debate about whether he's really gonna be good quarterback I have my doubts. But the Panthers I think in the and a hard to he's just sitting there it's too good possibility not detect. -- with all this unrest got -- Ass and we'll start with you Ryan Roger Goodell is reception tonight will be what. Interest in this alias I think just going to be a lot of boos but some of the movement today by the owners -- the players and the fans may see that as a sign of progress so I guess going to be more boos than cheers. Johnson questioned you. Well as a serious football fans sit there -- New York. I think they will boo Goodell I think the fans -- pretty fed up with this they don't care which will who's moving which direction. They wanna know that -- back they don't know yet and they're going to be mad about four girls all the posturing misses the one thing people can look forward to every April. Teams evaluating their their rosters and try to improve it. John Eisenberg of CS in Baltimore dot com I don't -- preseason Washington dot com Joba take you so much looking for your respective on both of our web -- Z -- in Washington dot com.

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