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Joe Beninati on the Capitals' Game 1 loss to the Lightning-4/29



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Sat, 30 Apr 2011|


Joba and -- preseason washed in dot com in the wake of eight. Game one loss for the Washington Capitals as the Tampa Bay Lightning come to town and take -- home ice advantage. And they should come as no surprise to capitals fans candidate wins three times it can -- energy center so they're not afraid it. To go on the road in these playoffs and they get the jump on Washington tonight with the empty net goal in the -- -- -- -- hockey game. The start -- the Washington Capitals was flat and I expected them to come out with a lot of energy and in fact almost feel like they work to thrash. And trying to do too much instead. I thought Tampa regained its skating legs pretty quickly after their seven game series with the fans. And had the cap back on their heels washed it was popping the pop up a bit too much too much for my liking. And that's exactly the kind of game. That that the Tampa Bay Lightning flourish with -- the lifeblood for the lightning to work off of counterattacks. And I expect the energy for Washington to be much better in game two from the outset I thought the capitals had 41 year old goaltender Dwayne Roloson on the ropes early on. It was itching to see they're beat a couple of goals scored before this game was born half medical -- -- time -- -- -- those guys very productive. In round one and they kept up the pace. To start this contest tonight at Verizon with -- I'm picking up a rebound. And seven managing just wear a wrist shot through Dwayne Roloson about -- -- is -- -- against Tampa Bay wanna sit at eight goals now. In just about five or six games worth of work for him so it's 11 the caps get an energy goal from. Eric Fair to make it 21 in the second period Jason should -- with great hustle all the the faceoff player quick pass a timely tip in from -- over the glove of Roloson. It was 21 Washington the sellout crowd at Verizon Center was humming right along. And I thought the caps had Dwayne Roloson on the ropes. In this series against Pittsburgh Tampa Bay goaltender was hardly giving up any rebounds. Tonight there were second and third chances or opportunities for the Washington Capitals to extend the lead. It was late in the second period it was 21 things looked to be okay. And just when you thought Washington might open up by one. Anything but -- it was Tampa rallied. With a couple of goals one was a very fortunate break. Steve Downey who's playing the role of Sean Avery in this series Downey gets a very fortunate bounce off of veteran defenseman Scott Hannan. It -- passed an unsuspecting Michael later suddenly it's 22. And you've figured that the caps are hanging on by their fingertips just trying to get to the dressing room. And while they were doing that Tampa they would strike on the power play you cannot you must not leave Stephen stamp goes alone. In front of the net on a man advantage stand -- standing to know later to right. Rebound off of the white angled drive from Eric brewer stamp -- pops it in all of a sudden what looked to be caps lead after two turns out to be Tampa Bay lead. After two when they were perfect against Pittsburgh in that regard. In the quarterfinals they were 40 when leading after two periods they would not relinquish the lead tonight. They're skating legs became better they're goaltender became even more stingy. Dwayne Roloson all those rebound issues we were talking about the first period you didn't see any of that in the third period. Pucks were hitting him softly he was trapping those there were no loose change rebounds for the likes. I'll brooks like I thought it was a real going concern in the first half of the hockey game washed it is going to lament its power play woes again. There were times in this game 1 of the eastern semifinal with a power play looked like. It was back about a month and a half to two months ago just completely in dry -- they did not get enough opportunities to my liking. They didn't put enough pressure on perhaps the best chance in that third period for Alex salmon off the outside of the post but other than that Washington's power play did not deliver. Tampa Bay gets went from stand post they get hostile empty net goal from Dominic Moore. And all of a sudden now Tampa Bay has control early in the series winning game one by the final count of 4:2 Sunday night 7 o'clock game to a Verizon Center. It will be very very important for washed in the level the count obviously. In this best of sent your Verizon center on Joba -- not a Perseus in Washington that --

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