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Russ Thaler reports on the Capitals Game 3 loss to the Lightning-5/3



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Tue, 3 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CF the Washington dot com yeah. The Washington Capitals appeared to be in control of game three holding a 32 lead entering the third period. They weren't able to close out a one goal games something they were so good at doing during the regular season the. I don't know enough and we just didn't keep playing the way through played -- Crist -- prison. We can't do that to me not. Knowing we got to play better get a little more chances immediately -- assistant. And you know let's not let them get any doubt that many holes to figure like formal system much. Draft through the penalty cannot accomplish our game the Phillies at Denton. You know I think. Only get a bogey -- along guy chastened we try to play too safe and we didn't play our way that period though. Don't seem likely to collapse during the game. You know certain minutes and they capitalized on -- term. You know we're we're aren't too far we learn to play sixty minutes solid defensively and and not give up odd man rushes -- -- -- you've got to tackle like that. Lightning stole the momentum with a pair. Point four seconds apart in the third period the game winners scored by the Clippers who drove believes. Should not accounted. Alone driving then that increases our player and to our goaltender and he can't kick out at great -- -- Danielle the noble will finally call kind of I mean -- one of the minister trees in the way I'm fully respect -- and didn't I don't think he's an accountant during. Anyone they wanna get a goal. That's likely to snap their fingers -- Theater button it's like he's done up then. You see it's like -- that the restriction on. Actually when you're running down anxiously and only gonna -- and I don't know what it is it's it's. Easy flabbergasted and journalists that he about it. They -- lucky it and you know hunting deer Kinnear -- bounces better. Money got to deal with them and get it for tomorrow it's not over. Arguably who's gonna win. The Washington Capitals will now attempt to do -- only three NHL teams have ever done before that's come back from a three nothing hole. To win four road take a series of course it all starts with -- game four on Wednesday night right back here in Tampa. Covering the capitals trust Baylor Comcast sports net. -- in Washington dot com.

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