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Eric Prisbell on who's next on UMD's coaching recruit list- 5/8



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Sun, 8 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- in Washington dot com on the phone air prison Belle -- and insider for the Washington Post. We mention Miller and Stephen bolt turning -- down but they are not alone a number of coaches are taking her name the other running what are you hearing Eric. Absolutely Kelly I mean this has been a wild frustrating weekend for Maryland band. Initially look popped your sport they were -- -- -- -- Brett Stephens that well he's a -- -- notre thing yet -- -- area yet but. Notre Dame a contract extension in the works for him Jon Miller -- soda or soda but decided to stay -- contract extension. And Christian era that they'll know worst in the name out of a hat. He's certain thing at this school and then seeing -- -- the Pittsburgh. Ed Dickson had -- -- relationship but Kevin they understand it's exciting this day. Pittsburgh as well. I'm being -- this is surprising to many honestly it's very late timing in on Maryland partly looking for head coach. Good luck on their -- who do you think they target now. Sure it hurts but you can still are very quality and one guy out there who may be that guy the cabinet and looks at the book. -- smart in saying that person that midwestern guy or expert so sporting. He played answered -- this like. An under which state and then. In 2000. -- And then. But the Aggies yeah it's on the every year -- -- in place real sound defense and I felt. This is not -- Hire a lot people buy it it worked out and Maryland but nick -- that this would be all higher but we bought our haven't -- them Maryland. It sturgeon point of being. You know our I think when Gary Williams retired we all thought this would be a really thought after -- -- ATP arguably the best. Basketball conference in the country so why is it not as desirable as we first thought. 00 Maryland fans are frustrated and understandably so because they were open for Sean Miller would have been a run higher but. -- early they sent out there coaching search and yet to go to it and -- -- that and they whatever. -- day I'll bet the ball more rules took the money more schools should also resource. In the age of parity is more war more schools that offer in the world right now though it's not immediately used to be. It doesn't mean though -- not. One of the better -- -- that you can get that they thought they got out there it is more difficult to get all the god but. Bidders that would be able to these you know I think it is more maybe disappointed. Not getting short bird which would've been a former -- -- I think. All right air -- off in the Washington Post we appreciate the time and we'll see what happens. Diaz didn't Washington dot com.

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