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-- in Washington dot com. Everybody I'm an outline I use and welcomed -- one box live. We're here every day at him like a week in Atlanta that he -- get started on Kentucky Derby and he packed out again moderately tight. You know all about. -- -- big big big event and let -- that they get topic of the day the -- work. Wet by the Dallas maverick went the story -- going on there -- -- the Lakers -- in outback and I mean they wrote the book and how that went titled they'll Jackson and Kobe Bryant though Jacksonville act and they'll act -- And yeah yeah -- what can happen. I think because guys that we didn't. That -- he got out. I haven't had an affluent. I don't know about -- yeah I don't care about. -- -- I think you have to go into a boat that's retiring and couldn't accommodate that all three to write about the weight and went up but we. Were found evidence that they lost -- 36 points back in his court and Andrew Bynum. It was an ugly way to go out and I think we'll -- in the comments after the game you know. It is that they were there things but food and that would be better than the guy who committed the first round and. It was just an ugly way to end a otherwise you know storybook career Phil -- I think you know. Any and a few month in the long run we won't we're really remembered the way it went out we'll just look back on and that having a great coaching career Bruce really surprising -- Got losing by 36 point being swept not even really putting up a fight are coming I've never seen before from the Phil Jackson coached. Right and right this week at going to be pretty careful in terms of the leaguer and it it. You -- everywhere they go at but -- in a few mind it's going to be about -- got that career do you think he gained three tired I mean. I I was watching a report that morning and rarely do -- -- players or coaches. They -- tired they come back from 11 more -- last summer if you got an interview -- that Phil -- he's pretty that he he he gets. A 100%. On the court. Current thinking -- tired or do you think that competitiveness that I didn't know what I -- and -- -- and come back. It's tough to. Predict that I think there's definitely a possibility I mean look at Larry Brown couldn't couldn't leave and they're tired keeps coming back. But I think I think Phil Jackson I think what you said he's tired I mean -- thing about it is the fourth fourth he's in a row they were trying to make that run the final. Three times in a row so that includes you know a very small office he's a break I think. Phil Jackson last year was like -- and -- open three people that's pretty much it right I think he's had enough but you never know there could be a team like. In Miami Heat need a coach next to nothing. Pick it up -- I -- -- -- plate that -- them individually don't act so that. It -- didn't. Ask him to keep her put a lot of money okay. Now -- In the. It about Gary Williams Maryland legendary coach. Art at an -- With a playoff action now you look at the way the Lakers and now. -- -- -- On the evening performance on Saturday night that can't locate that Al well I mean I'm not -- -- We knew exactly and I try to avoid it yeah black and what had happened I mean. Let's talk a little bit about -- talk about motivating a team I with a group a friend. That. While we're at in and the capital. On. In front of a replay of the game talk about let's talk about ride it out debated. -- ever on the came back and in played a lot of minutes down the stretch even though they really had the game in the bag. Well -- Pride midway through the fourth quarter he kept playing I think that inspirational -- the way Kevin Garnett played Ellis one of the best games that. And have been a long time I think the Celtics are gonna need effort like that. Woodlands and then on the event that benefited from that. That besides their clearly. And Miami's lead but when they will lose at home right now don't -- away in the playoffs. Though. -- live -- -- that they couldn't play and I hope the gonna happen that we contribute little. Yeah. Now if he and you think he's gonna play tonight without him I would say no -- at all. But -- at a camp and I think they'll hire about what you think happened. -- I think there Willie Boston got a good crowd and I think that -- -- -- it. May it may be they get by with another game with rock on Rondo out who's who's their path. Young player and arguably their best player at this point in everyone's career and mean what he's one of the best players in the league when healthy. And it isn't that the very that's another obstacle they have to overcome it right the next round which. We could the final gonna hit -- the Lakers could be without the Celtics for the first time. And I think the Celtics are mentally more -- than he if they're able to tie it up QQ. They could go that strikes I I think they have Margaret can't going to and the heat -- let's talk about the greatly. Yeah -- Play out on theory went first off land can -- a little bit more about what you thought that the and. With an exciting group to watch their best player their max player and Rudy Gay is out of the lineup he's been out for the season for months now. And you're looking at Zach Randolph whose whose career kind of culminating right now -- Legitimately one of the best big men in the league and they've got markets all they've got a deep -- Tony Allen is guarding. It rather how can I had -- -- and yet he's having a much better playoff and felt Beckett. A lot of people are pulling out for the Lakers to right right but yet they're extra exciting thing to watch it it's a bunch of guys that. They kind of drafted together and they -- they took a few years to come together but. OJ Mayo hitting -- got Mike Conley coming around. And and yet Marcus both playing excellent well. Well taste the win or it. They didn't make the playoffs but there is a little action going to be unveiling their new security Marlee got a great article on it and -- and top ranking and is going through potential. Throughout an area. -- I'll hit on back to the big story in the DMB Gary Williams. He retired at a press conference on Friday and I mean. I I I'm from New England. You it UConn all the way but wow it. Watching the conference this this yeah. Loved. There went into. Legends there is that we've got to bring the championship to the team. That that the Redskins think. No word on the -- yeah yeah yeah exactly. And yeah I was that is a tear for tearful farewell that he on the screen right now Gary Owens -- choked up a lot of times. And now. We'll see who their next go to Vegas bowl. And no there haven't rumor on -- out of -- don't have that and I was in the digital newsroom. We -- we are on that story but nothing with confirmed Arizona would like hey. And they showed him the money there's been a lot of rumor they wanna go younger. That's why -- stay away from it hubby -- of commitment that they wanna go younger he got on. Butler guy on Brad Stevens. But he -- committed to Indiana shock at -- that at the first pitch regularly. Living -- dream right now over. Let you know being used a lot of money hand there. And while they think yeah. You'll. Yeah. -- The question I -- an idea would be with that a few days now I think it's a little disappointing how it's -- and they they kind of you know so long -- for these big name guys they're kind of looking like in the state now to like fallen program all these big name guys are saying -- And some of them weren't surprising Jon Miller and -- button and get a lot of recruits to Arizona. And that's a good program that won a title in ninety but a guy like operate from Notre Dame I would personally surprised that he turned it Saturday and the great school coach and is in the big east. Mean -- -- hear that not it's not one of these great heavy hitters -- carried storied programs. I would have thought that Maryland within and. Entice the guy like that break from the right and I got local -- I believe he went to the matter with served on their style mean something he's been at later and Eric got off the cut without having a huge problem. You know mid Atlantic -- he wanted to finish career here where maybe. Right I mean this is. This is a good job and and there are a lot of there's a lot of potential recruiting -- around here it is I guess they kind of fallen in the past few years. And maybe coaches are looking at the team is maybe a few years away they haven't done so well lately in recruiting maybe that's holding him back -- honestly don't. Hopefully they -- -- -- or else it's. It might be interim coach that you know it's tough is that -- and often times spray a guy like Jerry Owens replaced by guy and that leaving in a year to. It's. Okay. It's a good football. Go and one who -- has been successful. And might be hyped and kinda high the program that way you know when you have at the end briefing at diet and you know it that recipe that. Now on. You know I'll stop by the DNC. Dot -- Iron -- and we actually. I he. At LE a boxing Alley about making my friend biting -- in their twenty minutes -- -- that I I would helping him on camera. One other day. That evidence that it daughter went American and -- that. The other thing though the Lakers. We're probably crying out -- older and to do it and -- Be. Hungry I think -- -- I'm thinking too much for taking a break. Where every day. Your out yet and -- the story. About and young coming in not at quarterback and a lot about on -- like eating that Horry and think. I think you. 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