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Mon, 9 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- gets in Washington dot com. Joining us now on the phone is the man who has been on top of the story from the very beginning Jeff Goodman senior basketball writer for foxsports.com. Jeff and you just got off the phone with mark turgeon why did you decide to take this job. Well like you said I mean it is too good paso Texas energy jobs that. You know you can -- can can. Maybe get to a -- or once in awhile. -- Maryland he feels like you can win it all about -- lot of guys were interstate. Are you just said -- he'd jump you know Jamie Dixon. Even John Miller. Those guys have really good jobs that are gonna be. I'll always buying war. You know its weakest being deleting -- or. Of them that -- the job you just don't know you can sustain. How difficult was it for mark turgeon to make this decision. Semi buried or think about I have them in the in the latest pursuit of political moral spot I have about the -- number thirteen in the country Texas -- This is clearly his best game a gimmick him -- the big twelve. He's high character guy who has relationships with his kids and -- story -- He's not a B yes sir -- -- each cattle raider in Indy where. Everybody's that he has certain they're trying to sell. -- you know playing time or whatever. I really think -- -- great hire but paralympics it's gonna pick him. So probably get -- -- the area but he also recruited nationally if no -- is more to be even -- Are two of the PGA guys in the air. You touched on briefly before those -- fans who are familiar with mark turgeon. What sort of culture they get. I'm one of the best mature adults -- it and I've written before the last couple months I honestly think he's the most underrated. Coach in America. Actually they don't don't -- about the game just about anybody. You know been -- force pretournament. We kept seeing their much talked about job. And again straight shooter you know it got it. He he's not -- he's not -- a lot he's not and yet you. Sometimes that can be trouble with recruits in terms of you know it's like he felt a -- it was a league level guy. I think if you got great personality. You pollute -- opted to keep it to Wrigley -- Latest set I think it's been outside the box art but I really really took. Are you surprised that so many other coaches turned down this job initially. Now -- -- Kevin -- some credit here he went I mean went up between Dixon junior right. Brad you reach our Miller he went after all the big boys -- you should -- proper anything to air these woman miss. You know you you can't worry about perception because nobody gonna care all the gonna care about it what marked urgent. -- in the future to gonna forget about the press conference. You know it toppled -- wondered -- restrict. CS in Washington dot com.

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