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Eric Prisbell talks about Maryland hiring Mark Turgeon-5/9



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Mon, 9 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Diaz -- Washington dot com Eric pleased to have you with us we wouldn't Maryland in the fun of disbelieving about the tire that we're just learning as of tonight. Well today it great hire for Maryland. Got little entry very happy. With landing mark turgeon after a wild weekend and really didn't know how would turn out but -- mark -- -- the 46 you're old midwesterner. -- and to -- you to despite what Roy Williams but he possesses. A lot of all of these Gary Williams he knows how to get the most -- -- the players. He built programs early well he's extremely competitive so after a lot of uncertainty in disappointment after losing out. On Miller injured right Jamie Dick in my brain ballots and territories because they are all Eric. Yet we're deadly -- that he is a solid guy in a manner of character which is something that Kevin Anderson. With very her mind saying that he wanted. The hires somebody that had all its not you know a good part of the qualities that Gary Williams had a confident that they found -- very solid man. I -- that higher what do you think he can expect right off the bat and trying to replace Gary Williams. Going to be difficult rebuilding project there's no question about it after losing Jordan Williams early indicator. -- looking right now. Probably -- in the end it's ornament next year and it may even have a losing record. That challenge mark turgeon is ready for he took Lukowich state program now that's really been struggling. And you let them -- -- -- in the first six seasons at which stay. And he brought this sweet 162000. But he doesn't expect them. Six so late Billy -- the state. And they have a lot -- -- point four -- horse he's there they -- into it or each of those seasons. So if you -- built programs. He knows -- to motivate these that he really. According people I talk to animals will in the -- umbrella and be excited about but it will not been easy task -- -- He did have a winning thank you -- -- you also mentioned Wichita typically Jacksonville State from a losing record into a winning record than he does have the history. Of being -- supplement able to turn programs around. It it's going to take a little bit but what challenges will you have just when it comes to recruiting. There are significant challenges because. Used to mediocre to great football school at -- saying that many recruit fairly well. Dallas challenges the go to East Coast he has midwestern roots and -- on the relationships he has -- -- DC area Baltimore area -- you such and got thirty. Double AU coaches say yesterday. And he has good relations what he's got a ready. And he can build upon those. And cultivate them throughout the summer months you know it'll be okay that was one of the one -- that the -- Gary Williams. It is not like to cultivate relationships with those eighty guys I -- mark turgeon will be will be spotted in that respect in the walker. What Gary williams' spot on the tire have you been having any conversations or talk with him. I have not but you know Gary and that. You know it and a -- sport does best ball well and you appreciate guys to do it the right way markers on -- -- the right way he is. Highest level of integrity are there. And is hurting the boat for India the guy that out of state say that Carrie Williams have strong feelings about not about that. -- -- Washington dot com.

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