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Mark Turgeon on being Maryland's new head basketball coach-5/9



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Tue, 10 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

PS did Washington dot com. Except in the Maryland job early tonight. And to get an offer for for -- pass on. Imminent the most difficult with the players. Guys have done there they have asked for four years he had a great right. And down and over and they really get to me too so. Those those are the hardest part. Of the whole thing. And it's been tough day then back and forth many times and down. Like Maryland isn't great opportunity agreement and what's different -- -- Saturday. -- You know America. Great basketball tradition. And you know they're real similar to get. Mean both programs -- great and very fortunate and blessed person to have a choice that I had to make today. And down. They're both great programs and that. On that good about it I inherited guillotine. In my. Line and made the decision hard and I feel good about. When -- behind the next guy to continue. Doing that started. It. It started yesterday afternoon. And overwhelm you Yelena. He's coaching searches -- coaches and players. That. The way you have to make a decision. Likely have been other campus. Before and many times and haven't seen the arena it. Know enough about. Everything there. So. It's. Until the players are sit there and make him marriages he's from and you know isn't -- Communicate using -- are always wanted to play college basketball. Gone which just it was -- -- and -- this isn't an easy choice. Today it was my hardest choices. To make because of the young man. TS in Washington dot com.

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