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Wed, 11 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

See -- in Washington dot com. Yet coach Jeff barker with the Baltimore Sun. I want to ask you about your recruiting style. Imagine I'm 69 powerful -- -- about 510 sports writer. -- what what would you. Tell me about not about Maryland because I think we know about -- statute of what would you tell me. About yourself meant and how you would you we treat me as a player at Maryland to convince me come here. Well as a lot of things. And it -- I would talk about what I've done in my career as a player and a coach. I talk about my philosophy is a coach which is. How we're gonna play how many use them style of play if I'm an adaptive coach I was lucky enough to coach Larry Brown on things on the greatest coaches of all time in. Each year he coached team a little bit differently and and so depending on personnel that's how I do and I give each that players. Throughout my teaching the best opportunity to be the best player he can't within our system. I'm also big on individual work I think one thing that. That my program is always done and as the year and I was like this and your -- BA with 76ers in my house with them all I did was individual work we will improve our players. At a tremendous rate and so you'll come minutes as one. At one level or take it to another one and then. Obama I'm a fair. I'm brutally honest in medial find out almost two honestly say it's -- fault mind with the media so you guys like that. -- I'll -- -- completely honest and completely fair but I'm tremendously intimate demanding. And I'm. I'm not gonna settle screaming yeah I do -- I'm not gonna person. I'm not gonna treat a negative disrespect my kids my own I don't want -- grown man -- my kids like that so. That's my style and emigrate and good person. And down. And one that puts the players first. And they understand my players understand it's. You know it's about win or lose and keep your job but they'll always know that they come first with me. Which -- capital with terror at times can you walk as little truly interview process and when you knew this was the right thing. And what kinds those things you heard that you knew this was a job for you. Well. You know in today's world things things leak leak out and so I -- got a call Thursday morning from someone saying hey if somebody's gonna happen. Today -- tomorrow. Would you be interest it. And right away I was excited. And we were packing for -- trip last weekend I went and told my wife and say this is this series and what you think about this said. University event Maryland might open. And we might have a shot of being the coach there. Fortunate thing serious about it and she knows -- -- times I don't do realize that had plenty of offers last three years and say -- saw some call -- -- now. And so. Should we thought about it. That was that was Thursday morning I went on a camping trip and my wife's from Pittsburgh went to the mountains of Pennsylvania I had no self service. Starting Friday at 1 o'clock. Until Sunday at 1 o'clock. And so. I could drive up to the top of them a mountain. And use my cousin -- a person Carol and sell. And but I -- get a hold anybody. In the meantime I get a flat tire in our mini van. Driving up and down this announce a Sunday morning on change and -- In the middle of nowhere and down with some help from relatives. And about 1 o'clock -- -- cell service. Calls called a couple people. Our thirty minutes later Kevin called. And made mistake yes and I'm in Pittsburgh -- up I'm I'm driving me chip right away. And I had my three kids in the back it was a long week in and and you know I didn't know us in the interview and from Ireland in and and shaped. It takes me awhile to grow. Anything on my face so. So. And it's as soon as it kept and I sell I have is -- shorts and Texas sane and shirts. I don't care today and he said yeah vice at all outcome I'll I'll come in jeans and -- it's OK so I got a hotel room in Pittsburgh. We met Sunday night actually found a Kansas City Chiefs shared an -- I gotta be careful because of the Ravens and and the Redskins up here I put that over my Texas an answer yeah. So he didn't have to look at Texas saying in here. During the interview so we interviewed Sunday night. You know -- when he left the meeting I knew it was my job to take our relief. The Monday was you know we need time moving families. And and in in in it's it's it's tough decisions so. Might pick me up tonight too elaborate in the status of -- I don't like picks him up in Houston on us Monday. Sunday but it wouldn't -- And we talking and and we early in the stretch and Harden the hardest part for me if you know -- about -- -- him tell my players that would come back so. -- -- -- -- catch Dave Ginsburg Associated Press. Here you're replacing a legend here Gary Williams obviously. Had a bad influence your decision where you excited about the opportunity to carry on what he can't review and perhaps a little apprehensive about replacing someone. That meant so much to this school basketball wise. If I was apprehensive though when you stand here and I had a great conversation as -- and he made me feel comfortable and I know Gary's not gonna try to sabotage. Maryland basketball. I don't -- yeah. I in -- I saw him yesterday came in the office and and he told me was getting his office -- for me and I hadn't done that yet my wife is in their cleared up this morning as I said his office and say it's mine yet. And it's no I think Gary is going to be a big ally for me. I think he'll help me tremendously. Because Gary Williams was Maryland basketball and you know I hope fifteen years from now you you know twenty years have a long. This last. Yours -- -- mark turgeon -- was Maryland basketball and down. But I plan on using aerial whether he wants to -- not asked yesterday Sherri my comeback. And in the office I was getting -- ago that these meetings and all that kind of stuff nieces all -- church so. Basic difference on the use him I have -- A local legend in Texas and Billy Gillespie that he was loved like no coach have ever been around. Not thought through that and it was. Not as much more difficult in this transitions. Are ever going to be. Because I know Maryland fans love basketball on the wanna win they're gonna support me from day one. It. Patrick Stephenson a -- Patrick Stephens Washington times mark. I almost he'd had a chance to talk to any of the new and you're new players are not so how old pals act on and and what's your take on the roster that you're an errant. Well I talked this team yesterday started to thirty as as a group. -- their last night form and I spoke to him a little bit individually out there I didn't have much time. That's kept me pretty busy. And then started to they -- them to an individual meetings with each player. And I've talked to a couple of parents. And you know but is today. And I told the guys yes it just relax everything's going to be fine. I'm a good -- And down. And we're gonna we're going to be fine and I know it's tough on themselves had a great response of the players I expect the same thing with my individual meetings -- get into more about what I'm. Asking of them. Obviously the I'm not a I didn't watch Maryland play best on TV one time this year I did see him. Probably one of their best nights of the year watch them play against Florida State as -- as we've prepared for state in the NCA tournament. And you know as -- great night from Maryland basketball. And NB a heck of Florida State team so. So. And that I know. Some of the players. John. Those three. Pretty well. The rest of my you know my knowledge is not great and done. But it will be as time goes on and I don't like to. I do think Gary Harris well well so really similar we wear emotions on actually he would he warm little bit. More than idea I try to hide it. I try to had a little bit better -- and down. But -- I think. I think we're similar but I don't want to. Watch a lot of film from last year and judge them. On the way they're playing -- judge him the way I'm gonna coach so I'm -- and -- coach until August. And down so what's a little bit it's on between now and then just. To me over the next three or four months is just. Build relationships and building confidence. In these young men in town. You know men -- young mango pro on us in -- going to be a little bit thin inside from what I could see and the roster. In just build confidence in and rolls are gonna have to change this year rumors have stick together into this thinking. CS in Washington dot com.

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