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WPL: Torrey Smith talks with the WPL crew-5/11



  1. Ray Lewis1:40
  2. NFL draft0:28
  3. Largo1:30
  4. Ravens0:30
  5. Wimbledon3:00
  6. Cardinals3:15
  7. Miami's2:58
  8. Washington0:00, 3:28
  9. tough spot1:02
Wed, 11 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- did Washington dot com yeah. Who should figures -- little football now. -- -- on the show like before the draft. And because we're just really smart here I'll give myself pose this question check this out when I ask him where he might end up. -- you form is king you have to go to step. On my pride thing actually leg the -- in the race. Psychologically to read this. With the fiftieth pick anything that can. Eleven NFL draft and Baltimore Ravens select and Torrey Smith wide receiver yeah. I wanna take too much credit. But that's -- it worked out did you get any feeling -- -- -- or Reagan or did you just you really like you formed to study. I'll I'll let you know probably not that I had a got him in on the plane thing about a punter Dave. My mom you know hundred ever but there's certain. You know and had -- -- -- to allow you number of them admittedly didn't and -- it is going to be oh I don't know for me to actually get to play about a month -- kind of stay local. -- ultimately -- you know with that but that's a tough spot you guys who took what the -- doubted it -- veterans it's tough it's tough for you guys because. You just got drafted. And yet. You're not really -- pro yet because you that a mini capitol that to what extent. Did you get a chance to get a -- that you were able to what extent that you waiting on the good -- -- -- relate that -- Bennett had completed me being here today you know and an article we can go then and always seem him play book that you've done the same thing working out in IT TS with until we -- -- Largo. And you know does it got I got the playbook in -- and I'm local guy you know and a bunch of players them in an ugly. Things have any of the that's the -- to reach out here at this point Ray Lewis said freedom in their veterans old legendary in this area and an NFL nation ever really had left the -- -- -- often food because the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then. Who have been gave -- attired in a -- remains committed -- not a big adjustment than. Any advice to give a young guy you would you and your pro I think there are no any advice when he's about the place the first thing you -- -- -- we had to hold. Yeah -- thought -- was and it being so funny about it is when you -- -- younger because I think our air we'll work with. So many guys -- days aren't they don't got there are staying in incredible shape and would be any shape that you. Did you pick out one of the most important part. -- you really give you steady yield you studying the playbook which is going to be really important because you weren't fever but already in shape and we're ready to move. But he'd -- talent all the McCourt is the -- so it's hardly -- little thing you tired. Not in shape and are ready to move. He -- look I -- produced by the way there and how you're tired and you're not ready to perform and make everything else so much for the person giving me this argument shape are you wanna. We're -- sport specific thing. And that -- the final announcement on you know that I Stevens gave me right then it's like the the famed fitness and amateur and snuggled down Miami's -- -- thing to me in Wimbledon is like. Pros pro wide receiver. Is it exciting coming into a situation where you know he can learn from somebody like that I it definite definitely big reason why want to play above the Mets and seeing you know. You know I'm good humor until the better things in the league -- and -- have you noticed. Cardinals guy then the thing you know anyone in media particle you know you kind of wish and I came a no bigger than me if you do all right. If you -- already got like each local -- to put. What should -- He had in Washington dot com.

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