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Lunchbox Live: Brian Jackson and Frank Hanrahan talk NBA playoff picture- 5/12



-- in Washington dot com. You have the -- sportsman and -- walk and -- but slap on the line that can join black. -- minutes -- frank Hanrahan and they -- thought. NBA playoff basketball. Program started their Eastern Conference. Miami finally get the job done and LeBron James can exercise and those demons complete. Hitting booted the ball got to play tonight. And one of the surprising things about this game was a lot it was there throughout the season whose team is Dwyane Wade who is equivalent to anything. But downstairs last night it really became the quantity. I've run these sort thirteen of the last sixteen Miami Heat baskets reports rather it was his team to put on his shoulder and he delivered including the last ten points. He hit two big threes and in that steal and that breakaway dunk. Broke the back of the Celtics. -- basically just quickly that we can't beat this guy that's how good LeBron James Wallace and Chris thought he had to nicer bracelet that -- there that I hope they -- got the defender off the ball off balance it is like that -- can do in the bonds to hit some big shots. Is that to hit home field equipment. Put what -- the game like this you know the -- didn't let that happen you know damn kids beating a veteran team like that involves what does that do for them. Going into this Eastern Conference want. But let's. Let's put a little cautionary tale out there because you got the feeling last night the -- really accomplish something it's like you've only Juan. Two. Years ago got to get by Chicago or Atlanta and you've still got to win the Mario trophy so first things first. It's a good accomplishment but they still got a long way to go to get through the NBA for. One of the things we also wanna get into his of course their opponent that they dispute what happened to the Boston Celtics -- -- No they made a lot of moves this offseason and that I mean at that trade deadline -- to get rid of Kendrick Perkins. -- Jeff Green and it doesn't it seem like a move and that. Jeff Green know the other puke bucket here -- there are few flashes but. What they need it was a guy off the bench to provide a lot of offers support and a lock down defensively and Jeff -- didn't get it done. And they basically traded big four X wing guard. And doesn't want the only -- team thing you know battle earlier than a lot of people but I also ran to the same thing the Los Angeles Lakers there was -- -- they were. -- just absolutely manhandled by the Dallas Mavericks we talk about Mavericks team that a lot of people didn't even expect to get out of the first relatively -- But it is basically manhandled the -- Lakers and then of course but he lost -- -- in game four would include what all the. Like. A lot of things I think it starts in the locker quietly. The -- and comes over -- the locker room a little bit too much but I think with the Lakers there was just something like. And you thought in game three wood who actually got in the face of all the salt trying to charge about trying to charge of the team that they just could not find the answer how to get his team focused for. Prepared and ultimately to execute and Dallas took full advantage -- that veteran ball -- the Lakers are really got to regroup Kobe Bryant yesterday that this has been obviously always -- here because they set that bar so high to Cuba that. So the box Phil Jackson says goodbye so where they are as a head coach that we actually and how they said that don't for the future of the Lakers but obviously a huge disappointment -- not -- of the Lakers or the Celtics. Will be seeing each other in the finals this year. Now a lot of. Quote unquote experts expect the Celtics to -- the Lakers. In the finals but with those two teams out it's gonna let the door open for the Miami Heat and we're gonna get it's -- next to subject. Let's talk about Oklahoma City Thunder and missed and the Memphis Grizzlies. They'll have gained an ever important game six tonight Oklahoma City has the chance to close -- now you think this is the year now that the Lakers are out there you know Kevin Durant. And Russell Westbrook can kind of take that next. I think it is last year was -- Lakers and knocked out Oklahoma City. In five games in Oklahoma City relinquished the Lakers. It was a great series but this could be -- Casey's time to shine I mean Kevin Durant. -- stepped up and arguably not if not -- desperate in game one through with LeBron James. And you see he's just got it goes to goes a couple of hit that jumper and I think really X-Factor is Russell Westbrook like his decision making sometimes it's a little too much me me me being -- -- -- -- -- -- think they're they're going to be better off with Scotty -- I love their system their bench play has been great and that's the formula to get into the NBA championship -- -- it and maybe they're not that young. Maybe this is there they're eager to get Cutler. And -- look what it is the only -- point guard we've seen. I'm. You know back out there that night that of course I got a but much will who will take their business tonight against Atlanta games that market. -- -- so with the Bulls. I'm just automatically putting them there you know I think that people talk tonight it. It's the balls in the heat and he's kind of finals Bulls took three out of four games from them during the regular season. But a lot of it is not too -- Derrick Rose he doesn't have an uphill. Do you think did their roles at this point in his third season -- know carried -- -- the Miami Heat. I -- don't think she -- and I mean he's a great series. He's gonna put up his numbers but he's got to get you know who to play better Carlos Boozer got all that money. He's got a provides something you've done nothing hidden and playing in front front. He convinced that in that as -- I think it's great. No -- is solid Luol Deng bogeys and shot that they've got to have their second guy that they brought in the offseason and all that money. I've. Got to step up if they play them when they duplicate. -- Is that when they -- yesterday called Boozer averaged about seventeen points and nine rebounds a game -- that I mean. Are they ran -- blushed at seventeen points and eight rebounds. -- -- -- -- -- Right there could be a steal a good deal is entering got a bargain if if if Andrei can just come back focus and prepare we we talk until unsuccessfully for. -- was talking about just that these guys -- money this is this is really. Steer the conversation or Wizards but yet you're right I mean Boozer has got to earn that money in the next girls that's really looking like great. Though you really of the heat coming and -- though. With the west and well I think I think Miami will ultimately prevail they would -- -- on the court so. Very very Q obviously so that I'm not gonna just -- but honestly my enemy is gonna get there but I think that they will ultimately get there. But we talk about the west I think Dallas that this is there here as much as as Dallas has gotten hit over the years choking. Get over the -- That what -- -- for the last year that's just the way they like it not being doubtful we'll get the files on Dirk Nowitzki this could be. You know when you get the final I'm gonna -- in between that and yet Miami Heat that the Dallas Mavericks. We're hoping to go to Miami. I I just think it they are just too good. With the way you can and and James and bosh and we'll see if you don't comes back -- -- -- good. -- few minutes but their system their defense. I think this is going to be the start of something good in. Maybe perhaps a couple three championships Guerrero LeBron James he apologized last night for leaving Cleveland. Hey this is the reason the Celtics put down a blueprint of having a Big Three. That's why came to Miami and how to get the Big Three so I think ultimately they will be the champions currently. We -- -- perks. Are winners and mistakes and that -- and you leave him beaten Washington dot com. I agree with them over into day. That the -- beat. Us here -- it certainly got to be over what was in the playoffs. Wizards and sweep every series and I think it's going to be the -- Oklahoma City. That would be. Listen I'll let you know me it doesn't matter who's in there. I'm an MBA. Yeah I'll be launching an -- people are saying well no Lakers know Celtics will that hurt ratings. I don't think so I think Chicago. Or Miami it doesn't really matter. That's girlfriends and this year they turn out in -- I don't think Gregory. Once again this has straight -- and Wizards and mistakes and try to proceed in Washington that I'm number and excellent. And I thank you for donor material loss -- -- He has been watching -- -- dot com.



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