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WPL: Mark Turgeon hires Dalonte Hill-5/17



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  2. Maryland1:00, 1:18, 1:19
  3. Phoenix1:34
  4. Miami1:45
  5. Kansas2:04
  6. Washington0:00, 2:38
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  8. mark turgeon0:39, 2:02
Tue, 17 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CF in Washington dot com. Don't think he'll probably can't take that I got a little bit capital it was canceling the start thinking this man almost -- 1000 dollars a year. Because of the connection with the huge recruits will get. Those of the Michael Beasley but not I think you could afford the high. I hear me that he yeah that was an important hire because it -- he has ties to the area and obviously him occurs -- DC is so. They have a great relationship -- if you wanna keep keenness that you need a guy that keys salute to a single local guy. Guys that you know come back to the area obviously bringing him back I think. Gives them a leg up in the recruiting war it it just -- this might change perception of a higher mark turgeon maybe maybe market that you folks. Thought I didn't get the guys who really -- but now they get a well known guy -- with connections does this make. They took fans -- even better. Yeah I think I don't think there's any doubt about that I think that they were excited about mark -- I mean. He came off of course than -- guy make that will build the program on it but also. You have a little bit of the Maryland recruiting there with some of the guys from the -- But you get in a guy like Delonte hill and go terps fans are gonna go insane because that's one of the things. We all of Gary -- without one of the things all he can't recruiting you know he's -- He doesn't need a loop for what every one thing about it but the truth was. Scary to think they'd come to Maryland they don't want Maryland. Andy you know maybe -- wanna get involved in that whole thing I want to book that decided this talk about skyrocketed the skyrocketing assistant salaries loses out of that -- no doubt it it it. -- everything up. Coming across the college land on Phoenix yup and it puts out there in -- nationally as I've ever seen. That if you're connected with a view that means a lot more pure prospect that if you're good with -- -- -- -- know how to cut up film Miami project in the national. It's anything new and I think -- do you look at that age you certainly look -- hear that the arms he's been a war. To get to the coaches and in these things and -- mean -- quarterback would clarify when -- Hardaway Jalen Rose has who coached. To come to be apart and -- -- take -- all the way back mark turgeon was a young assistant I just left Kansas player and they can't hide everything they hired Ed Manning -- -- -- -- -- coach Larry -- -- because -- Young punter Danny Manning came out anyone that -- so that's the part of it Stanley Roberts -- Stanley Roberts listen to -- -- this tournament. I -- that the Gary Williams era is really over that has -- it -- like to play ability you games. And this this time they're gonna try to do in a different light hitters because -- -- -- -- -- put it looks like they came out of this that's pretty good shape marker and prayers for X and -- coach. Going to look very good recruiters like they got a good starters who can get on that. PS -- Washington dot com.

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