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Chick Hernandez and Glenn Consor talk about the Wizards getting the No. 6 pick--5/17



CF the Washington dot com. You're going console or radio voice of the Washington Wizards and thus Comcast sports analysts -- -- argument forget about the needing to get the sixth pick it about. The names. That would like to talk about the that's just too far ahead right now if you wore Ernie Grenfell GM of the Washington Wizards. What are you looking for that six -- You know comedy until Percival I'm thinking about you don't used to be that question was based on quote unquote position. And you know you need a five do you need for what he -- It's not that way anymore because -- think about what's happened in the NBA the NBA now is Dirk Nowitzki type guys 67 footers that could shoot Bargnani type guys seven footers there to shoot great athletes that are. Small forwards a complete two positions. So you got a lot of guys this year in the strip I think the draft is very underrated by the way a lot of people think. That the draft is overrated crap you know there's not a lot of people and I think there's a lot of good plays in the script and I think most importantly you the the Wizards need somebody that could knock down shot -- shooter with John ball continue to Big Bang for their comedy that plays for the five. To help out to bill -- or just. Just push him to become a better player -- fights at Cleveland Cavaliers get the first pick. Who will that pick me. Well I think it's gotta be the card -- regard your points I think they need both of those guys Baron Davis getting old he's -- Cleveland carrier Irving is is is a dog wall type player Chris Paul type player Mike Conley. High point guard they need him in the future Derrick Williams. They could also go that way because they have a Baron Davis Derrick Williams is a terrific player. In the open corporate -- your -- a special player you know he's in that Chris Paul Mike Conley molds we -- -- get to the basket -- like people can finish shoots the ball very well so he's one of those guys. That I think probably will be the first meeting nine games of the Duke -- doubled to right now -- and and Julie alluded to with Chris. Cavaliers. Get the first and fourth pick in the NBA draft lottery and they're getting LeBron or look baby to about listening. Little David Stern will not to the Cavaliers will fix fix hole that law not the -- not bind because his line you know you can kick. This has been going on forever. You know and and yeah. I remember I remember away and when Patrick you -- regular season and Jordan to the next LeBron to Cleveland. The good things and I looked the first pick was was came from the Mo Williams straight okay so they got they got lucky there and it was a 2% chance they got it. So low and behold it did you know we take last year's it was 62 would John Wall is that we thank. I'm just selling it right by the Colombo character on me out more question that's going to concerts soon to be day concerns right hand man thinks they're appreciate. -- -- Washington dot com.



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