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Shackleford's trainer, owner, and jockey after the Preakness victory- 5/21



See this in Baltimore dot com. When decision that it was opponent -- -- -- -- -- -- get a chance to come down. Spread itself felt pretty good. I was worried about it at first but he did settle down and when he got into the post parade he thought he kicked a little bit -- look like when he got up up up up by himself over there to come back down in. There's always use Tom -- and gave -- felt like would be okay. But it but about the pace -- play you know sometimes. That everyone's a slow -- and I'm a firm believer in -- and sometimes when the pace is slow you keep the closers in the race and and and maybe this time by having a little bit faster facing got him another game chase missile early and they weren't gonna have to finishing kick that they were able to have and they're because they flew home run derby. Then. -- avoided this today they had to work pretty hard to make to only be ten link so close and half of 46 and in my not a had a saint -- I'm Michael in Villa a little known console in the preakness charter. While people were focused on the five point five million dollar potential bonus for dialed in. You are really happy winners of the eight point 55 MID bonus. 500000. To the owner and 50000 to trainer dale Romans four. Kind participating in -- -- that you and the Florida derby now winning the preakness. Michael you're no stranger to good horses you had any decent. Rachel Alexandra. Tell us about your concern bring in the course back in two weeks after a strong derby performance but. You -- you were still one of the outsiders at least live by the tote board here in the preakness. Right -- it after the derby we were a little bit concerned about coming back in two weeks that Becker few days after the race. -- during his gallop since things he was after that inning chicken and everything and he was. He was ready to go so well we're we're really excited. Okay and die cases cast not congratulations your first Triple Crown. Race victory take us through that -- if you would. Less than excited. Because of personal today it's no wonder. We'll sit down they have done pick of the week yeah. If he wasn't put them -- would have been standing in -- -- -- Again. But coming out of McGahee is you know. He -- zone and I don't down flights going in he has been in the sixth -- is in Baltimore dot com.



  1. Triple Crown1:57
  2. Baltimore0:00, 2:29
  3. Florida1:16
  4. run derby0:42
  5. flew home0:42
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