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Mark Zuckerman and John Eisenberg on the state of the Nationals and Orioles-5/22



  1. South Atlantic League4:13
  2. Vladimir Guerrero2:43, 3:25
  3. Kevin Gregg3:50
  4. Jayson Werth1:49
  5. Derrek Lee3:09
  6. Adam Jones1:11
  7. Brian Matusz0:52
  8. offseason acquisitions2:25
  9. mixed bag3:52, 4:04
  10. starting pitching0:35
Sun, 22 May 2011|

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Everyone marks -- from CF then Washington dot com and joined today by John Eisenberg and it's and Baltimore dot com -- chance for us to get. Together for the -- and -- battle of the beltway. I thought -- -- chance to compare these two franchises are at opposite both. Trying to reestablish themselves that last few years the -- and rebuilding -- tough division I give me your case for wiping the Orioles might be closer to contention and internationals are. Well the Orioles. The one thing name -- why in the midst of their thirteenth straight losing seasons as they have developed a nice core of young starting pitching. -- -- -- -- Looks like -- -- rookie year in the American League this year starting got six wins and sharp every time out Jake Gary had a had a rough night the other night. But he also has put together a lot of really really strong starts. And getting ready to have Brian Matusz back collecting that they compares favorably to -- two Britain. So right off the bat there's three guys they're under the age 2.5 they're all pretty good they look pretty good to me and that's. That's how you win I mean you start with a young core like that and you go Florida they also have a couple of nice young position players met leaders and Adam Jones -- they have a young core. Up players that they're gonna grow -- at hand that and to me it's it's it's moved the needle. Here for the first time a long time. Yeah I don't think there's any question -- probably have more depth of quality young pitching and actually do at this point of wanting it to about inactives once they get Stephen strasburg back. That's it legitimate front -- -- that made it Orioles don't have. And also going to be talked about Bryce harper -- any. -- back next year should be a big impact Jordan's -- throw today he's another young pitchers they'd like a lot. And then it seemed to me like the next might be in a position where there adding more established players to the next like signing Jayson Werth. To big contract this winter maybe next when they go out and get somebody else whether it's the center fielder another pitcher might be that kind of thing or not doing at the moment. -- or -- I mean there's a famous line here from the late sit grip that he couldn't get they can get free agents to come here he said he felt like he was offering confederate money. And that that is still the case to some degree. What the nationals did with Werth was impressive the -- the Orioles can't get people come here so there's there's still. Mean that free agents in their prime I think that is still fighting that battle so there's no question they have some work they have they have ground game that way. Both teams did -- seat and offseason acquisitions out for the nationals that was Jayson -- and wrote for the big one. Neither one's really lived up to much so far I'll work the starting at the last couple weeks. Grossman's struggling hitting 170 and now looks like you can get a shoulder checked out again not tell me about from the Orioles perspective. Mark Reynolds. Vladimir Guerrero and Derek -- how they kind of contributed so far but the next. Bag. Mark Reynolds is really struggling. He's batting under 200 yeah. Striking out. Just a whole lot as as expected. They were hoping he would hit a little higher average she does occasionally but when Al ballpark and he's a decent run producer is close to twenty RBIs. But he's he's not give them what they -- third base you know -- I mean it's it's a problem. Derrek Lee as well has struggled with injuries and underperformance and got her first base defensively very strong musical blood type player but he's not hitting. And it's now injured so -- out lineup that yeah he was really -- at the number three hole. The one has come through as Vladimir Guerrero is actually doesn't have the power that he did when he was in his prime but he still hits for average still produces he's hitting over close 300 that you had seven multi hit games and -- He's he's if he's on -- all the time. So hey he's really fun to watch. You know it's always the free swingers still let's go into every every count and any -- he gets a hit -- now it is he's on the bases again so it's fun to watch. So they also brought in Kevin Gregg as a closer mixed bag there. I he's had. They saved I think it's a large percentage of it saves but opportunities but he's also blown some. He went so the Orioles have pretty much a mixed bag. Opted both teams. Big time draft picks last year the national Bryce harper number one or taking Manny Machado third. The -- in the South Atlantic League Avant actually face each other -- don't think it has not been hurt our Roxy tearing up definitely hitting over 36 yet. Probably getting close to what he's gonna get pumped up. To -- that he's in the abstract it up here next year give -- timetable for -- -- and how much did the injury gonna maybe affect. It's not mean major injury knee injury he had played in a couple of weeks initially reported to be minor will see -- means to let him play he was also teared up Bentley. And I think 70 run. And that's it went -- -- last year so an impressive talent. Natural player at shortstop and I think before it got hurt they were really thinking about putting him I expertise. Which. It's quite a promotion -- team -- it so they're they're very excited about him and they feel like the time give me a little slower than our. I think maybe a year later. -- -- -- Late -- and he should be high school senior right now actually given what he's gone but it's amazing CDs two coming up at the same time maybe it will cross at a lot. -- minor league. And -- entered in Major League at some point so I think John and thanks for watching this on to attend Washington dot com and yet and Baltimore dot com.

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