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Redskins Nation: Larry Michael talks with Ryan O'Halloran about Redskins practice- 5/24



  1. Kedric Golston0:24
  2. Chris Cooley3:10
  3. Mike Shanahan2:21
  4. Jason Campbell1:09
  5. London Fletcher0:23, 2:00
  6. Chris Wilson3:04
  7. Lorenzo Alexander0:22
  8. John Beck2:12
  9. mental mistakes1:40
  10. skill positions2:05
Tue, 24 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- in Washington dot com. Redskins nation in what -- is why don't tolerate. He has some Washington dot com that I what did you do today I like what's gone. Yeah that is. -- today was the first of three workouts and organized by the Redskins Lorenzo Alexander London Fletcher Kedric Golston great -- over forty guys close to forty including mostly draft class worked out of -- -- -- -- from an hour forty minutes up. Pretty good fit for the -- -- -- apparent is that as intense -- -- -- because guys -- running hard and you can -- -- -- are going through their progression so you guys that after this shows you that this this -- got pretty solid leadership. No doubt about that you see the veterans out there now -- of the Redskins stack up against some of the other NFL teams who have had. You know work outs we've seen reports of different work out different teams have different ways and on about at some teams have a hard time getting people together. As really don't know huge shocker there with how the risk is -- I think I think the Redskins guy because the top until just the sheer number QU ET a lot of quarterbacks currently Jason Campbell and -- Josh Freeman -- Tampa Bay. Circuit Garrett and receivers but you'll hear about a lot of offensive and defensive -- out there working that's what they're doing can I can look if you Redskins -- wanna come to a training camp practice. His -- on the same way different positions at different -- the field. He's 200 Fletcher is running the show on defense because they did and they did -- -- -- for the or rookies you could show these guys. These guys care. Ryan Kerrigan was there the number one pick -- thought he. Abundance I didn't make any mental mistakes I had transitional linebacker obviously the way early and Ryan said after -- this the first time move back -- so wasn't just that but he spent his time. Time -- -- -- -- -- -- Alaska which his -- -- the draft picks to get one so he maybe was able to step and a little bit but just good to see a lot of other conduct as well who was you you mentioned London Fletcher and that he has who was running off. Well look look like quarterbacks look for much in charge of the skill positions. Offensive like KC royal Locke was doing a lot of instruction from the one of the rookies but it was -- and John Beck alternating current price that you can. But Rex -- time. Yeah yeah practice script in his back pocket and looked like same kind of thing Mike Shanahan does so you tell these these two quarterbacks are smart players. Because this kind of practice because there are -- for format route combinations and they're doing 777. Draw. You mentioned leadership and obviously it takes you know leaders. To organize this what do you think the end benefits going to be and we really don't know obviously when a -- Powell and so we're kind of very uncertain moving forward but this is the first of what I heard is going to be three work out for the Redskins. Three with a net result. Well I think it's tough to say other than it does help the young players get a little bit of a start because. You don't want him coming in July whatever. Have not know the playbook or anything on the basic concepts so that shows it and O'Hair Chris Wilson has been played again for his job he's also gonna help so that's that's hard to benefit for the younger players dealer guys Chris Cooley said hey if this can tell their camaraderie and kill the other things today than it does -- -- as the -- that was -- -- the NFL -- He gave -- an update -- a lot of revelations that -- -- told so it's not. From a piece standpoint you definitely have to like what the Redskins are doing. So so what about the risk of injury I would think that's something that's very real and obviously the situation the way vision hate to see guys go down. In a voluntary. You don't player organized. Just try to keep sharp -- -- but that's I would take an extra natural caught is what about an injury here. -- -- -- -- have to be concerned -- really confident he saw a couple receivers hit the deck. That happens over course of a -- a southern -- that. The linemen weren't doing any thing close I mean they -- maybe their hands on their shoulders analysis you can tell they were there being careful and I'm -- -- from the insurance purposes they have -- -- themselves covered. He had in Washington dot com.

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