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Lunchbox Live 5/25: Andy Siegel and Chase Hughes join Ivan to talk NBA Playoffs-5/25



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Wed, 25 May 2011|

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CS in Washington dot com. Welcome to lunch box live on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon I'm Ivan Carter. Course the most watched couples once -- waiters always find -- Jordan or chase you see -- watching dot com. Every single executive producers here Comcast sports network talk a lot of hoops today. Also primary for great washing ugly in a bunch of stuff from one. We start up some hoops last night of course the Miami Heat by 35. Broad James. So good so Dwyane Wade and Mike Miller of course there was some good shots taking. Lead over Chicago Bulls manager to close it out what's not right there. With a -- and you can't escape. Whether you like we're not guys he's is a powerful forces to -- for class that was some help from the bodies. Would you reformer against them he's he's cute he's in the dark and has chance to get this into the finals this thing. I think it's pretty amazing how it's all just kind of coming together right now I mean we knew it would this would happen at some point says they made the decision all the players can get that you knew that. They're going to be at least compete for championships if not winning multiple championships. But the fact that it's just coming together like this so perfectly even Mike Miller scored and in doing weight at what time finally got. Doing Dwyane Wade had ten points in regulation and they they still end up winning that there's no other team that can really. Overcome them. You that you said he got some help from friends. Who like The Beatles okay Eagles beat you need. Ever went out whatever critics feel he wins the title. Yeah okay. His knowledge. Paul is untoward or is he hasn't done anything. It drives me race. With Twitter last night you would've thought that will Chamberlain Bill Russell and Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had never played again. You know LeBron James scored all of 35 points last night is the greatest thing -- Averaging 258. Is five -- if you were shots and his quickness -- have to take as many here's the question and I look at the student for ways. If you had started team tomorrow. Over any other player in the NB -- do you take LeBron is he the best player in terms of that she'll start a franchise tomorrow you -- run. You know I love this question who that. Now that's a big fan in the ninety's I think you build from within I would go to White House would have been the best big men right I would go play and you. A -- -- -- project would you want to championship and that's obviously what. If the guy hasn't shown that he is chanted pedigree and that's very much for a week and who who would you go if you wanted to when it came to the minute. -- -- He still has that he is well above one. If I wanted to win. Ten night game with a team that's around for the comparing these teams I think are from its I think right now it would be best pass on the planet. I'll buy that including but that's different -- a sort of prejudiced. He doesn't have -- -- something it was a direct. Some Derrick Rose who don't when he too like -- and and there are going to be -- young players that chases after the wildness that black is to be -- -- a as a budgets -- -- -- course let me ask you this if he win this championship. If in the course of wood threw dirt into a testament to finish the series first let's give profitable is not over yet does it change your thoughts on how LeBron. Made the decision does it change and leaving Italy get it from Miami has changed. I don't think it'll ever change the way he did it for me I think I think everyone agrees that you can't really disagree with the decision he made he wanted to win I think he. Of course kind of screwed over senator -- injured and had a jerk move the way he did but I can't blame him for wanting to win I think it's gonna affect his legacy long term. I of course is gonna just. I think when it and but. There's two things there's a decision he made and then there's the decision. The decision. Will never be just as to Barry Bonds decides that that Bryant stole. The the Giants. Lose the home via you know Barry Bonds and pay for his children's college. And that's of a genuine movie I think it's newsworthy story doesn't change twentieth being bought it. Same thing with the shooting potentially can win six he can win more than -- he can win 72 when more than Michael. But sitting on -- likeness. Looking Jim Gray in a pattern -- deal and not telling Cleveland. He'll never live that. All courier we can localize that and make Clinton ankle -- out. Are no awkward at winning a championship with the rate but did not change what he did to Cleveland. Feeling about change moments in history yeah that's what the decision it was a moment in history and also doesn't. Does that justifying his decision -- when that'll sure absolutely absolutely. Boys and guess what business would do it all the time ago ha -- -- wanna move to a bigger market you wanna succeed no promise that the decision though never let the way it was handled never -- itself leaving as a free agent just counterproductive. Sort of consistently. -- more important for. What part the other -- we could have Dirk vs Brock fight. Was more support for the -- here when change. -- -- little older 2006. Never live down their meltdown he. -- brought that clock -- -- this thing. I would say Dirk Nowitzki and go back where exit four I think we know the bronze going championships doing at least one team -- point who may be that maybe if you. I think there this is you know one of his last opportunities. Because the other near Denver I was gonna win championships case perhaps never happened. Dividend rate -- you can't. Available -- excellent chance because afterward that India has definite difference. I think Charles Bartlett on a championship. -- it was viewpoint this is his closest he's gotten and there's no guarantee you're getting married now 1213 season that would make a huge difference where he ranks all time -- -- The thunder I think -- pregnant that's where it under the age don't look like they're ready next year they may be ready and this may be their last that's an aging team to Jason -- with thirty years old. Yeah yeah exactly there's no guarantee you get back all you have a good owner Cubans will -- one do. This is curious body his game isn't all the little but still. You get out there a little blocks -- the odds to win. This is this is the year he -- this year is that the he really needs it more drawn from -- We legacy -- plus you can go Brock yes which which would be great. But -- that perception -- -- -- and has that perception standpoint we'll be true story lines if Dirk and the mavs beat LeBron and he. Fly it circuits over and threw it's well he didn't win the championship member of the seven win conversation. -- So many layers that because Pat Riley did he who beat the mavs a 2006 Dwyane Wade and Shaq but so Dirk could. Hey I got the mark up the back of winning it I gave way to beat me -- I think LeBron wade who. Who came up together when he was a free agent last summer dirt could've caught a Chicago team that would their roles can you imagine that took them to do it. Don't know Miami or article of all got together as a country do -- Quietly stayed with a lot with Dallas team that drafted him. So it it all those things for him it would be justified. It would be I would imagine super rich feeling and in his career I like we use it is -- bats that -- absolutely carry. Our next question to -- Rose twenty years old we -- -- back to back nights. Down the stretch for a the other night missed his final eleven shots Rose last -- game settled for jumper a lot of what -- but he -- -- who. Are they just deliver my muscles it at 22 newbies meaning that every piece around and they need yet. We are reminders of their 22. But we've -- to make assumptions based on individual performances what about when Rose was amazing. Series and led them to. What about when -- ran. Didn't miss shots at all okay well he scored forty was overshadowed. By -- near perfect right. We counter reminders health of their young when they don't perform up to par when it's a shop and we talk about your level of all usually drive the -- Well if you talk about Jordan's most legendary shot was Georgia with a shot toward Oregon all really make. Real I remember him driving and kicking -- you are remembered him pull over and crossing all recorded it sure didn't trust anyone to be Steve Kerr I don't know but he did last -- took Jordan was their sixth when needed. For. For the thunder I think it's simply they're just too young you know maybe they need some some veteran pieces added but the Bulls they. Bulls last night really look at -- one piece away I think they don't have anyone can really mean Boozer. Chipped and pretty nicely but it into the game there was there was no one really helping their growth. To Russell -- stable and I. Gonna have a chance when the ball to -- should direct. Maybe call in the world solves it looked crisp or walkway for the agency. Which ridiculous what's right now. I think I think all the water and you get to play at work. Ethic a pass first point. Westbrook was -- Gilbert. I'll roll back I was talking about this is extort talk from the -- today to. Mike Brown apparently. Former caps coach brings back brought it could be Lakers coach to finalize a deal. -- -- -- -- -- Coach what you have reputation as an apartment walked all over Walker's situation when aging Kobe -- he goes -- plan. We guys make this and coverage obviously job. Well there's a lot of locker mysteries of focus -- you just don't know what's going on there's been a lottery whose girlfriend and that's at the mess he's got a clean up and expectations are going to be either though. You know coming off two championships and watcher of defending him even -- after premier right exactly where his rank among all the -- sports. And you can't say no right -- my kids you know and I thought Mike Brown. Handled abroad as best he could considering he was -- it's not like. His crew from Akron had to fly and yeah there Rivera. And ownership was not back. LeBron was pulled -- the age of four you can't have every one bombs though. A good fit for. You know he goes this -- you're never gonna contain. I know that because managing. -- understand how to work with. Which is not measured by Regis the stupid like off toward the what we've always. Felt that Kobe. I know you're gonna -- a shot I know you've got an -- But hey you're good looking guy and get your shot I mean Kobe you're gonna get what you need what you think as long -- understand it about. You live Kobe it's about the team. You know and I think Mike can a couple of weeks -- -- represent thank you -- -- think he's already dealt with a huge ego he can deal with in the. Sent to whispers about that I think it could be good hire electors are reacting well to a after Phil Jackson who you react well to coach K I mean there's what -- would. Is known to have finally -- -- request. There's absolutely yeah. Well we're talk what that watchful Favre Favre is reflective thirty -- that Dax -- games united captain. His initial -- right there red Jersey don't hit. Hewitt debut and don't want him off and and also of course on our networks -- -- at Portland me yet -- Portland team while that are so Dax McCarty smoker or Coke is -- his -- -- -- and it's a playoff Vancouver. Is that it apparently a couple of backed candidate. Maybe not others that are so close enough and of course -- to have them they have -- -- export market for -- -- going to be a clip reporters the gift that keeps on giving. It was subordinate so you know it's safe so come join us 5 o'clock watchable -- had a terrific afternoon. Thank you and it changed in this match up Wilson. -- -- CS in Washington dot com.

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