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Lunchbox Live: Ben Standig and Ivan on NBA Finals and Scottie Pippen-5/27



  1. Jason Kidd4:13, 5:26
  2. Jason Terry3:40
  3. Kendrick Perkins4:45
  4. Dirk Nowitzki5:27
  5. Tim Duncan2:08
  6. Dwyane Wade1:04
  7. Stanley Cup7:17
  8. Scottie Pippen5:34, 6:09, 9:40
  9. Moses Malone5:22
  10. World Cup7:52, 8:14, 8:19
Fri, 27 May 2011|


CS in Washington dot com. I am Ivan Carter and welcome to watch box like bandstand CS and Washington dot com check out every day. Word on the street he's a nice little -- out that things columns -- -- stuff. Then there's an awful lot going on. Every morning got to catch up -- victory -- Internet sites. Do all the work that's what people people tweeting. That is Twitter -- -- -- Last night NBA baby and you're like get a check it out unbelievable. The Bulls great shape that are forced things happen. And their combination of those sort of fall apart and LeBron. Mean I've been the biggest -- but the dude came up big and they came up and gets it -- compare that to the collapse we saw Oklahoma City happened in the game is now. And it wasn't that basically a carbon copy I mean as Miami is coming back he got to that point were. Maybe bright bright when Dwyane Wade with a four point play in my comic yeah -- And I both think because they saw what happened the night before they knew it was gonna happen it was inevitable it's. And a sand dressed in black not because I like Johnny Cash because them in morning mine is getting this close. I can't. Happen but it didn't -- great finals we'll get to that a second wanna go back to this is we're we -- our home court advantage home ice bag where the sport may be. It's almost being at home when that things -- to collapse on me as worse because you can hear the Chicago crowd so -- goal. -- -- -- You back in the day great the great ones would do this when they go to -- does that mean Michael Jordan so great to go to rip your heart out of Lavar credit that. It's almost like they had stopped. I have a -- Rose is put so many miscues which blows twenty years old mr. red and it really show. You know the only way has been there before you got bosh is a little bit older you get LeBron who's who's had a vote broke in this situation and it showed -- And we see in the NBA playoffs time and time again I mean. I think except for magic and Tim Duncan the best players on the team -- somewhat of got to go through our break to get to get there and you know that that's that's a deal that the Derrick Rose -- mean anybody who wants to say a he wasn't the MVP whatever to -- this series the most showed why he really was because once he was taken when they didn't have any other options. But hey he got taken away and you know he's gonna learn that even if you are the best player your team you can't go one on one against the guys six inches and seven pounds our venue. In that's an area of late he didn't game for you gotta you gotta working out and they'll they'll are -- -- on his first time they're -- you know so that they all up. Desire -- that all of the positions throughout -- -- little -- defended. There -- fourth quarters he shot 660. Yeah -- Play great defense now the question is can do that enter -- how does. Dallas. And match -- with Miami the question -- -- -- that is deeper this is being most notable scoring threat right now Mascoll except for. Tall with a chopper to report to triple. It's requesting match what was your first. I really like -- look I I. I think Miami beat the Bulls. Even but it won't happen I kind of like Dallas to win this series I think they they have enough for guys in the papers and Chandler and Heyward and throughout their big guy. Carl would disappear -- -- the Mavericks have struggled in the dirt. Have a limited scoring effort eighteen point where they have you know Jason Terry. Q can score Berea channel you know read pages you know actually he's he's still alive and -- they have a lot of havoc and score. The matchup -- most policy is LeBron having the guard for a yeah that would be no doubt be the best matchup -- -- I give Dallas the series in six games and here's why what they're deeper they've they've been there before there's a better -- -- 2006 he's we can't talk to a heartbreaking go to better. Tough matchup for them. The bench JJ Barea Miami don't want that little guy had no and the other factors Jason Kidd he's older. That is mitigated by the fact that they don't have a point guard to exploit him. Mike cities fossilized true you can still play it rebound pushed the ball for. Are far the depth and the wins with six games expect of course gives credits the board and -- they have to. Guys that would illustration kitchen book should be passed. And -- thing as a didn't give Miami credit baited and played pretty boy ball to get the final that worked hard on defense give credit but they put up against the Celtics team who. Kendrick Perkins might be the most overrated player in the league that went but he'd without him in the Millwood and had to beef Rondo gets hurt this series. -- -- they had one score the Mavericks have to complete opposite in all there before the shooters all the experts with the Jason -- fact I don't think can be understated and he is still. It's unbelievable why am I I missed I missed the don't have as many point guards who like him anymore. I think it's going to be great series. Last time to future hall of famers this point McRae who had not won ranks teamed up. You have to go to. Moses and doctor did you got it into Philadelphia 76ers Moses Malone. Julius -- dislike most about that last night Jason Kidd Dirk Nowitzki is kind of escape intentional become a story line. Holmgren -- Jasper is a great. Finals are got a soft enough Scottie Pippen almost. All of the players get an injury to support violence when people say he's overrated. But Scotty put the crack pipe there. -- what you said last night that Michael jordans ever score but Obama be the best player is. Help me so he's I know he's a financial problems. -- a couple of draws people right something's going on here. And that's the good of expletive I can get I mean that the make any sense if you. It makes no sense they have that he stay at the downgrading your own. So -- in the process. If you Scottie Pippen act but I'm not my thing LeBron is he is the most dominant physical presence in the game I would argue that. -- -- our Ella little and -- and you could I. If you wanna say today he's the best player I but -- Kobe on the outside in target but. To me -- physical threat. Orton was incredibly skilled he had so many ways to -- audio player of the year right and not the mention of course that's gonna go there not to mention the title hello. Let him get his first went -- hurdle brought to -- she's not there Scottie please don't do it yourself though. Stop that then we'll talk what a watchable 5 at 5 o'clock. By Mitchell's and an organism to say I would think warm Washington Post he's getting his head might explore that make for good. Ratings go up shields had just. -- explode would be good viral it was nice -- -- that it would likely the last while that. Are a lot of these great great great finals of -- -- quickly NHL wise would you rather see Beckham. You care. And the caps. Supporter. I guess that it rather lose to the team that won at all so that's that's that's how will that in that case I don't want Tampa. To win the Stanley Cup so that's an I'd rather be Boston -- -- that the dean -- story is I mean that's pretty cool but also been. A bit they've been a long time franchise group -- six -- pivotal for ever so. You know -- Boston get there and lose convert him -- Boston for war nothing. Like real quick to tomorrow. -- -- it is. Barcelona's champions league final in London I wish I could be there -- rooting sir Alex. Some of the greatest collection of talent in the world once they won't get outside of the World Cup. Thoughts -- just. What it means it's on national TV for the sport and his game that the casual sports fan should and will watch. Gonna try to make some. Snide comments about like not really care but I can't help because I am that's not who I am not local. I'm definitely and I'm -- gonna watch him at lucky to sort of said it is sort of -- World Cup or Olympics type of scenario and I will watch you know the best of all that. -- if you just want the World Cup mean we saw Messi was a beast and Rooney every cover ever seen him play in the big stadium with a with -- comes up short the means the World Cup so. It's gonna be great opportunity I think it's interesting you look at how soccer's in this country right now. You know MLS to the sort of -- although it's done pretty well. But the biggest growth I accuracy of the pro sport really is European soccer and in that it over the middle -- -- in week who like sports and today. Or Americans bought tickets for the World Cup and from the other country last year it it's look at -- not -- that revolution it's an evolution it's going. -- sports fans. Sure to -- for just given a shot you might like if you're not -- type and what it's like say than what you try to tell people give hockey shot they won't give a shot. -- in this hockey to watch basketball because that approach but life is given a shot I would tell you talk a lot. More. Watchable slapped by the clock. Or not at 5 o'clock 1030. Because crosses the ball from me from the cross -- Cart prepared the argument Brian Mitchell beyond our losses coming -- we got back Salazar. Talk about Manchester and Barcelona and I think -- -- -- -- managing well but what did you. Check out regression to the left side. That stand C and Washington dot com and bring him. You guys have agreed Friday after Scottie Pippen stop and batted back. Go to your body of upset -- -- CS in Washington dot com.

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