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WPL: NFL labor drama continues-5/27



  1. Kynan Forney2:24
  2. Brad Johnson0:52
  3. Clinton Portis0:04
  4. Mike Shanahan2:16
  5. Drew Brees3:18
  6. Donovan McNabb0:23
  7. Paul Tagliabue3:32
  8. Bruce Allen0:31
  9. Gene Upshaw3:30
  10. Jeff George0:51
Fri, 27 May 2011|


He had in Washington dot com what stood out the most it's not a talking at Clinton Portis doing another one of his could -- interviews yet Albert. -- -- -- I think the Schneider talking saw a thing that's that stood out to me because you -- -- big do you watch everything that happened last year you -- was going also for this year. You would expect Donald McNabb is no longer report that he would do anything well I haven't given up on Donovan McNabb within the process as soon as he's Saints. Well if you change. And the coaches it will make him the food and the Bruce Allen the cues that you haven't given up it. I think this is business as usual happy I mean it was morneau to McNabb out of -- they're pretty good that's Federer likes -- Do you do you think he's still likely to have to be as quarterback. -- out there who who knows what that organization so it's functional use and and for gets letter to a year to year with a quarterback who got wanna Jeff George over over Brad Johnson so you -- think -- Kitna can't evaluate him logically couldn't make -- -- that they shouldn't. I'll keep an eye on that little -- I -- we're talking about these guys put Alec out of keep the -- he'll say it. Earlier on Twitter are asked to what extent. Didn't care -- -- player organized workouts. -- like hit children are committed to probably get kids you know deal. I think we're just one W at this point -- the holidays. You're lucky that I can pay court and making fun insurance injury officials if they want to get -- world experience and. -- the newest games sweeping the country. He should. If you get two good guys who could ask where Charlotte this underdog to talk about this autumn so you've been that he ripped -- -- -- coach -- -- -- -- they were not apart. Of their coaches union. Statement or lawsuit. Are they put to get a -- that this is gonna hurt the wages and Redskins coach is saying there were not a part of this were our ownership side. First what do you agreement is -- -- a public players are actually I don't agree with the unknown this situation. I would put my life or get every. Assistant coach from Ripken did not. Agreed to that -- cause I believe there was a situation that was put up to where you know great -- come out and say one thing. And we know that Mike Shanahan was -- -- yet that I am there are the -- -- that you don't -- what I have -- because eventually got lit Kynan Forney unethical on the plate and got there were also one of the union. That's poised really hit vice president of the noon I doubt very seriously nobody -- Obama. Players see it that way they were forced a -- they've gotta you gotta -- -- -- -- the players that it could not presume that they they know what's going on and he got that can be good at communication is that you from the guys you played in the league. There are these that on the -- they just think stopped but -- -- -- off. In -- -- like yeah. Good these players will remember that believe me oh yeah. And run through a wall beater and you run -- -- and right voluntary like alternative rock yeah exactly -- were -- mentioned the sale -- you on -- -- when you don't. So the owners capitalized on Jean I'm Charles passing to try to get this deal -- court of course it was you know so got the last two -- Tagliabue do you agree with -- I I hate bringing in some things have to kind of -- in the mix that in and labor and labor strife but. Yet you know I think most of that most of us out of players that can Drew Brees is is the guy out front of the players I mean I guess in theory we there yet that's only a little couple -- will bring an end yeah. I'm uncomfortable with if but I kind of agreement and because I don't look at it for years -- Gene Upshaw. They made deals in the -- in Paul Tagliabue was able to kill all of its legitimate doomed not a development had actually kind of command and -- they are right now is trying to prove that all the I can run here but be dictated by the him and I think when -- saw they get to know people people Estrada rip this thing up. Those two got to go along well thought of it. We're trying to make you gotta cross sales but ultimately hurt and pain that I think the game that's too much money going on what -- -- -- fight like this and I still hate it more almost all completed depth at the regret the deal that they had already agreed to exotic don't always want some players play the contract. CF the Washington dot com.

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