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Ivan Carter talks Champions League soccer with Sebastian Salazar-5/27



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Fri, 27 May 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CS in Washington dot com. Are you how far from my body really did it. Try it right what. This deal wouldn't that this is the big match up after a soccer fan to watch and anyway the casual fan. National TV -- can -- should be one that gets my -- what -- stands -- you why just think it's the two best teams in the world in the teams that are related to most attractive options with some of the best players you could argue that route Madrid Barcelona which is semi final matchup was a little bit more -- In terms -- 22 players on the field. But this is the best at the world pass off for the biggest stage. And I think -- -- trying to sell somebody on a one off basis on soccer this is -- -- start -- you can argue it -- to appoint a blogger wrote it hits in Washington account Messi is better at what he does than any athlete maybe other and you same -- is that what they do. He's the best in the world that. -- not -- not unites our mom obviously a little bit biased but I would have to agree in any young guy from Argentina he's he's all of five foot six and that's that's in cleats. But he is simply amazing you just. You watch him and I know it's been talked about and other sports but it really is like a video game -- it's like Michael Vick when he first came into the -- -- to exclude Reggie Bush in college except. You know with -- he delivers results he delivers championships it's not just about you know scoring goals and making highlight plays it's really a little bit down. And his legacy is on the line ball Barcelona trying to pass protection called the best he's ever -- just you know just one English Premier League they can get the double. Who who would that be a nice thing in the about it yet this is I mean and beyond in this is a great thing about soccer that beyond just you know the great players are really talking about a sense of history mean these are two of the biggest clubs in the world. Manchester United loaded with talent in fact. Didn't talk bird atop the Dicey right there isn't even gonna start and he's the leading scorer in English -- nearly got me it's just it's an amazing amount of talent and amazingly not a history and so much pride on the line. And then he also Pattinson nationalistic ties it it really is Spain English relations in England. Right in two different. Styles of soccer it's just the perfect matchup. UEFA couldn't have asked for a better final yeah the last time that these countries met some like this the Spanish armada has got to England that's -- hundreds. I'll continue prediction. Because you have you have great match up matches united fewest goals allowed. In chambers we -- -- -- I'm sorry go -- Barcelona fewest goals allowed and man UQ school or more scored yet this is a really interesting matchup from the rebel. RC you've got one team that loves to hold the ball in Barcelona and a team that wasn't either direct in his -- that it Manchester United when they met the 2009 final Barcelona held it. The last eighty minutes of the game and totally dominated. Manchester United's gonna have to hold the ball a little bit more than they like to say they've taken away from Barcelona ongoing with Manchester United game winning goal scored by. -- -- to hot air and this is some difference but Bartlett -- I said man united I think it's -- to -- I'm miles Mexicans I gotta I gotta throw that in there. Are common to go the other way and go Barcelona two to one -- via. Do you wanna about it so there it is so what's the point check out folks given a chance you might have -- soccer fans are watching it. She -- in Washington dot com.

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