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Lunchbox Live 6/2 - Ivan and Chase talk Shaq's legacy and the NBA Finals



CSN Washington dot com yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- large box slot I undercard would chase Hughes of T at and Washington. Dot com in -- busy sports day here would you roll of course that -- last. Night. In the big news this Shaq retiring the way -- act out and a little -- final it is going to be a debate on. Thought his legacy. What the ball's going on how you remember him being player but it's really really one. Guy first time ever interviewed him. You are he's looked up and smiled at me and asked me how I was doing called Howard eyes. At. Our point guard to look a little bit like I -- back in the day. The first time. I've ever covered the NBA finals that come down the stairs of the all of the Staples Center. And almost got run over by Shaq on remote on the scooter. And now ball four for the game and he's a big little kid a lot this. Yeah we're gonna miss them on a different person I think we've missed him as a player for several years now he is not a -- little bit of a restaurant and Phoenix but. Yeah I think I'm gonna remember me is definitely one of the most dominant players I've ever watched yeah I was. Look at that field to watch Jordan Michael Jordan I think beyond in the -- -- dominant players and I'm not sure. Anyone in the years between 2002 doesn't do. Gonna stop and and maybe in the history of the game and there's that center that could have guarded Jack effectively during those years. Was an absolute monster. When he was a great great shape. And motivated -- usually never really took his conditioning seriously a lot like a lot of people said it from the wilt Chamberlain's work habits. And this award which -- our conditioning is. Amazing actually -- struggle in Kansas. She's just here are some of the -- maybe they didn't. Maximize. The ability like a colossal did that. Go by without getting better but. A member of that and are being your great great winner with -- covered the finals when they beat Philly. I would have been. 2000. I can remember getting -- when they beat Philly you know great Allen Iverson here. Dikembe Mutombo. Up over got those -- shot but which acted to convince the -- -- very large. Center well of course that's series. It was amazing to watch he just took him apart is unstoppable. Again. On one loving guy you wonder -- -- squeeze another ring with LA had. He'd taken better care of himself and he and Kobe had their speakers while the real footage from that -- finals against just on stop -- -- stuff like don't. Guard was currently eleven years. It will slow great stuff for him quite debate rages when you put in our starters all time. I put -- number one he's the all -- scored his in the NBA. Six championships -- franchises are the most unstoppable shot ever sky hook -- -- Russell number two. Eleven QB two innings one of them as player coach but you forget that a check number three. Let the had a will look for and then put a keeping the dream Olajuwon at five. Today Moses Malone. Yeah I mean. I think it. It's instinct that error that Shaq played well in Green -- again and yet Shaq had to go up against David Robinson a lot on the tomba who. It's up there believe me lead history and block. Has probably borderline top ten back then -- a different era than now right now Dwight Howard's price the best center in the league but there are many seven footers that weren't there were there one almost on every team we have to go to some good and goes -- There's some really good defensive players. Could stop now they executed it the night came to Dallas Miami Dallas. Did not shoot well to -- did not get enough from the bench in game one they -- get 27 Dirk Nowitzki but not enough to overcome strong fourth quarter LeBron -- way. Dallas. You hate to see him -- as a must win but Q you capsule don't wanna go home down 02 having that would bring in a row at home it's very hard to do. With Greg at right and if they're gonna win the theories that can depend a lot on certainly. Things don't point at one star vs street starts and and -- we all know has -- -- and that -- there -- apparently he's gonna play with a splint on his hand. I don't think it looks cricket I would that the mostly even though they're gonna have regained -- you can't expect to win all three of them I think they have to win tonight. Well again get the best player I mean you actually can now Miami's bench play your bench. Or did you agree -- the guys that can't happen. Those guys have come up just Arctic. Make shots if he can be on the floor because he can guard anybody who has to make right yeah and I expect that to happen I expect out in the series up tonight. I really do I just don't mind that much better than them what. They're very dominant performance poor quality and in Miami product they smell blood they're coming hard because they know they get to a week ago. That you covered the NBA for a long time do you think. You think advocate for the ended at Miami that -- don't look like they're gonna when he kind of keeping at it and I don't look at what they've done. Solicited some great young teams -- It's good to have great teams and -- and that if you love the blog spot. If you 8 o'clock you watched which you don't want to -- To that -- -- Tougher -- what he is injured going up against the great team a member. The after game wanna get the under peoples that what's different this year. And he says that well in the past that and all the Paul Byrd discredited in that it can be. Like it looks like maybe happening again he may be running into a team has multiple. It is just that is their year and it we'll find out. Jason Terry Jason -- Nowitzki and that depth -- -- respect it's still it's still good enough to win this year. By no means is this going over but they asked to -- incorporate this -- 1719. With an overwhelming in the first game. He started off slow to to make shots credit Miami's defense that. But they have every opportunity when answers now I think it went. So we'll see about that a real quick NHL last Vancouver. Oh well you know or what goals scored the game that it -- game yet yet so we'll give it. You had a across based. At ports of a pocket at the post. Vancouver could -- on one well. Yeah I it was incredible game like that very physical but come on with and believe unbelievable I mean he he shut them out for you know almost. You know and 59 partner and finally let alone and that was really nice goal by -- but. Yet amazing Theres a good health going to be incredible Timmy Thomas vs the team planned and then high powered offense of the -- -- -- maybe commitment that day he went and I mean that -- a lot because of a wonderful idea. Given the night and Thomas had last night in Boston on the road at wake up this morning realized that back there we just. We should be one right now and just let one get away that we should have given the goaltending it happened last night but great -- -- justice -- that. Pocket and I play unit -- -- inevitable that -- -- because. Opposed couple there's more pressure so if -- like Boston for that game they didn't do so. -- bought that. You know some of the things going on what we -- wanna watch couples like today at 5 o'clock we got all kinds of things going on our Rocky Parrish. Is in the house -- on the covenant era as stubborn and he's he's what sparked he's in the house. Sony Sony in the city WPG our species it. You're gonna like that yeah in the house had so -- -- on talk about the good -- Shaq legacy so on and so forth point report where you could argue that there chase Hughes among Carter. CSN Washington back all year sport needs. To eat. Up clock. -- He had in Washington dot com.



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  2. Paul Byrd5:48
  3. Jason Terry5:59
  4. Dirk Nowitzki4:02
  5. Allen Iverson2:15
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  7. Moses Malone3:20
  8. David Robinson3:32
  9. Michael Jordan1:21
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