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CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. -- is all chick Hernandez serious CSN Washington update. Kind of -- commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL PA leader -- -- Smith just ending secret meetings in Chicago the two sides working together late in the win tonight. Wrapping up early this afternoon the meetings come before tomorrow's latest legal proceedings in Saint Louis according to Newsday the two sides were brought together. By the federal mediator. -- -- Joint statement was issued this afternoon by both sides. -- the parties met pursuant to court mediation owners and players were engaged and confident to discussions before chief magistrate judge Boylan. The court has -- continued confidentiality. Of the mediation sessions and growth. Hockey Vancouver Canucks forward Alex -- will not be suspended by the NHL at the last -- biting incident in game one of the Stanley Cup finals. In a statement released today the NHL says they could not find conclusive evidence that -- intensely. Bit Bruins Winger Patrice Bergeron at the end of the first period. -- on NBA now and -- -- -- be Wizards brought another group of potential draft picks this morning to Verizon Center including former boy Austin Freeman. Who's never been far from home with a high school about them than college stat built up doorstep. Also taking part for Mike Davis who played high school ball at TC Williams. Before heading to Illinois to local guys with a chance to work out for the hometown team. Russell and actually just be home. My family's in being here and didn't use include. You know just -- I'm blown. I'm going to lose in this in this league. Ten you know who -- can help my in the season. Both -- -- -- -- so -- -- I -- here you know Washington Wizards ever since -- -- got to -- what -- Jordan evenly played for the the last. They got an audience out you know how to -- -- -- be athletic you know rebound and do those things you know. Mikell would jump shots here and errant shots a little bit but on this mostly -- And that'll do -- -- the Comcast sports net studios I'm chick Hernandez for CSN Washington. Dot -- CSN Washington dot com.



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