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The final touches are being made to Congressional for U.S. Open-6/7



CF the Washington dot com Friday and is just nine days the first round the US open will be played at congressional Tiger Woods won't be there but -- The show must go on players of Marty began to trickle in and the course. Of course -- Beautiful condition. Workers are busy getting the ground ready for next week's big event. From general course improvements to. You know get in the tenth Upton. Benson in the blue course at congressional. Looks a whole lot different what we're accustomed to the AT&T national senior director of the PGA open reg Jones. As overseeing the course transformation and as happy with the progress despite the challenges presented by the terrain. Congressional. Certainly is probably one of most hilly golf courses that we weren't they have elevations here. Certainly against Milwaukee eastern pointed -- It -- a -- challenge and trust building facilities here -- there there's been a part of our. Tents are grandstands are a lot of elevation the -- which requires a lot more equipment and and it's a lot harder for us to place in circles trying to visualize elevation -- you got the right now afford it to sort of there. The blue course is now close to members of players like Phil Mickelson are welcome to practice rounds of course. Lefty -- all eighteen holes today with his regular caddie bones MacKay and field even kind enough to sign autographs for club members when he was done. CSN Washington dot com.



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