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Golf Channel's Steve Sands on Tiger Woods skipping the U.S. Open-6/7



CSN Washington dot com. It's it's more analysis from the Golf Channel our friend Steve sands local boy who made good -- -- he joins us now via phone from Orlando Florida State listen. So tiger is out before talk about the immediate. And news here. What about the future. This is -- certainly a major decision no pun intended for Tiger Woods but how long do you think we'll have to wait got to see him play at all. Well I mean it all depends on just that how severe the Achilles and they -- -- expatriate. You know all indications point toward him being out for a little bit I mean for him definitely in the US open wheel. We can't just say it like KG international until -- short the British Open -- after that. You never know what's going to happen with a speculative and -- and we don't know exactly how injured years but it didn't -- a US opens. You need to be really really -- remember it was only three years ago to the obligatory odds were broken leg that he played. And I I think that it it certainly points to negative sides but we don't exactly know exactly what their. You mentioned 2000 and you're there you saw first hand do you think it Tiger Woods is playing anywhere near the old form of Tiger Woods. That he would have given to go here congressional. Well I think out of the question -- I think if he was playing well. I think he would forget what the doctors and bark elegant and I think he would try to go out a -- -- US open at congressional. I mean he's he's -- congressional that don't -- going to be -- national years ago. I figured the way he's playing right now lets face it the way he could feel about everything all around good right now. It's not necessarily a bad time to -- a major champ B it's definitely good the most difficult. That there is in golf which is the US open. Four days brutal conditions not whether but of -- if we can't -- -- you know he's not playing well I didn't get the -- we'll get quite golf. -- -- -- -- competitively. But does not old yet it would draw the players on Thursday so you talk about not being ready he would not be ready at all to play. Or face the US open at congressional. The tough decisions for a guy competitor like him to actually shut it down with hopes of getting him back for the future Steve sands and the Golf Channel. We'll see you next week here at congressional. Reporter secret. CSN Washington dot com.



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