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Lunchbox Live: Ryan O'Halloran and Liz Drabick on LeBron, Tiger and more-6/8



CSN Washington dot com. About it right now aren't CSN Washington confluence -- I think -- has spikes -- -- for the second time three day. It was -- that 167 and Jack of all trades. 1237. Puzzle it ought to get through this once they got inside that with him. Each game in this series winner -- for mine all goes back to the eight time is it the Mavericks have won two games or have lost. I would say the -- -- mostly because. The Mets have -- once and came back from fifteen points down at last became one from 97 point sounds like pat. So to -- the fact that there -- out playing them in the fourth quarter speak magnitude of who's not playing -- showing up. LeBron James is disappearing act last night with -- playing alongside David Copperfield has meant to. It's easy to get out on the metro this morning qualities she's on the -- literally hours a day. But I'd LeBron first time that parker held under double figures -- points on three of eleven shooting. Now what might be paid for review what what is about did you see anything from has has matters outside the he touched rock I'm just ask the winner take control of the series on a shrinking by. Gregg Doyle called by the way he agrees that LeBron shrunk because he got down a lot of flak for asking LeBron that to his face after going to be the last games but not. Like he defers any concede that in the numbers they flesh that out the fact that Dwyane Wade had 31. In the fact that he's just acquiescing or -- the mavs stifling him which isn't isn't a match or is it a LeBron problem. I think it's -- -- because when he's on nobody can guard him regardless of the match and so. He's like way these guys like that is a throw the past abuse facilitator Stevens said via Magic Johnson but. This he had to realize that I had to be his time Dirk was like an effort to house the fourth quarter he would lose. Because as we -- all by himself but we get. You don't want LeBron to be a -- Johnson type you want him to be -- Michael Jordan type but somehow Dirk Nowitzki was more Michael Jordan last night playing with a 101 degree fever at scored thirty it would and it. You know it -- on side but I sort. For the Dirk is wherever I walked by an actual comparison let's white guys -- the end Jimmer Fredette -- -- But game by game five is not Thursday night's series tied two. I still think Miami as the -- a because they have better personnel have home court but how does this Dallas need to win game five to win series. Not necessarily because they for the can do it any which way other than handled well for Dallas is that no team has ever come over comradery three to one deficit. In the NBA finals so there's some hope that at least they've levelled the series so they're not you don't execute jet. Yeah and one thing there's been two constant scissors ones everything's about the officiating has absolutely atrocious. Completely they're always the story and that's what that's why it's rocket -- what if it. Locally the big story yesterday although some people chose to ignore -- and it it. Was not tired with drop in the US open player and current Chicago on river road which is -- going to be disasters next week as the US open. As a golf -- surprised he dropped out or would even more surprised if you played. A positive -- fell out of my chair yesterday when I got it I was busy doing other things -- -- -- yet Twitter jacket. And it was eight minutes late and the fact that Tiger Woods had pulled out -- congressional. No idea the fact that he won the US open -- not travel with it Torre. The fact that he did that on a broken leg in the act like he's invincible so I expect him to shoot out underwhelming and I joked about it last -- expect an Indian kind of blow up and -- ever shoes. But I expect him to be their. Last guy I thought -- given a shot but for once it's the first time for words you made the right decision. It's because. He's had four surgeries mean when you have the site. Leg knee and Achilles. You have some physical problems but -- the physical problems besides -- a -- mental problems. The last two years since it to the business three. But that's what it's this is the first time I courtroom Tigers. Drop in doesn't cause the ripple effect because nobody really expected him to content means that he's going to be able to get his way around -- but I didn't I didn't think he even make the cut here. Yeah I mean I hope you make the cut of course I kind of figured it was a given that eats it up because this is another one of his courses and not always at pebble is not the way that it gusting is. But he's held instrument here for a few years he has been successful here right yeah he has torn here as a matter back. So I can think it'd be given many show lot but he since his tournament has moved or Rodney -- hasn't been in DC so for the present factor I thought he got as well. A competitor I mean I'm just flat out compete the best Biscayne he the only time he hasn't played at US open and was back in 94 when he was graduating school. -- -- mean if he does have some return to do a congressional with the weather so I thought he might play but. Does this mean that you that's what you because you're gonna go anyways what do you care less about the US open. I would if I aren't going probably an and that be unfortunate. I'm sure that interests will wane because he won't be there but it's still. Open it still open in DC we haven't instantly ninety's. That still is a -- and of itself so that makes a pretty compelling but you're watching on TV you don't get the experience of going. That might you know we know that remote click away -- would tiger's not playing. -- a tiger. He wasn't going to be the favorite out it got so give me a couple of names that -- I'm gonna go Graham McDowell he's defending US open champion. Opens are very well suited to his game this longer than he's used to playing because he's not the longest person on on the tour. Dustin Johnson we saw him up bunker gate with one the last majors. He keeps climbing atop the leaderboard at the most pivotal moments now we choked away a few times but the fact that he keeps getting their bodes well for. McElroy and roared back America's. Like a girl. I think this is his time. You know for awhile for awhile I thought he'd be ignited his first -- Cares about -- But you'll get -- in the golf a lot more next week. Looks so let's go to Stanley Cup now game. Sports tonight. The big story the other night was wrong with vicious and it's cheap shot and it. Got a four game suspensions -- my dog is out of the at a department listeners but so is Nathan Horton. Hot does does Boston rally. -- -- -- they did it with an 810. I have a pick a backwards after a Patrice Bergeron allegedly got it to be able more lamenting about the suspension. Not out Burroughs. There aren't there yet and is more compensatory suspension in the eyes Aaron row. I feel like the NHL is making its trying to make good on suspension they didn't give or Ellis -- fighting Bergeron. It's a significant theory. I would -- -- see what the suspension would have been like. Had not -- -- status but. Before the hearings today there are important out for the series I think it's sort of what could have been a two game suspension but a lot or I get it back to Vancouver this the first -- -- it is -- first well Winger. Secondly scored the last word was -- was a sixth defenseman who's on it for yourself. I think Vancouver gets the edge and -- the -- Africa. I love the passion of the night which they let him go all the more in terms of dropping gloves but it got god forbid there's violence -- And when there was a fight they cut to commercial. Which was just -- NASCAR -- hockey. Guy like -- break it up breaking up and and -- ten misconduct that's -- athlete mystics starts when we liked but. I digress I think Vancouver takes control -- and they're gonna win it 31 -- -- Vancouver. Win on Friday night -- the cup for the first time in franchise history. I'm with you -- times I can't disagree -- want to I don't wanted to be you know the club you know mutually agreed upon sentiment but -- -- Canada heartland Kennedy cup clearly. Vancouver's just added an especially after our. Boston tried to rally back like a much like LeBron have been -- -- early lead up to what's been expected of them on big bad stage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's promote used 1237 on offense -- it out. And chick Hernandez well. -- those that -- -- live right Mitchell your bullet hole and coached from the stands we have 5 o'clock. And for mr. Beck -- Allard and that's been excellent. CSN Washington dot com.



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