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WPL: Chris Miller 1-on-1 with pro golfer Stewart Cink: 6/9



CSN Washington dot com. I'm following on Twitter and a huge fan of in Albert what's over that Stewart well it's pretty united. But it's also the West Coast and I'll live on the East Coast so. It at a very often but I would never get out there in the west goes I would proceed up the closest one and done. I don't know -- seem -- -- sort of cult following -- and I'm I'm part of a can be managed to milk -- -- -- as well as much a partnership with dove. Without -- care of Ottawa and settled down and vice Versa foray journey to comfort campaign which is being great for me it fits right in with my my Twitter. Social networking sort of lifestyle I've got -- -- helps. Needed -- get my story out there about my career going all the way back to even my college days and all the successes or failures that golf is brought me. You know how to deal with those things and how to. Become comfortable in your own skin him. -- about a week out how are you preparing yourself for this year's US open. Well obviously there at US opens up a big time of the year for golfer. I've played it before and he's seven so like I know what to expect a little bit about the area -- going to be hot. And a golf course we -- demanding but you know the system another opportunity to maybe win another major which is a fantastic. Fantastic opportunity we -- four times a year and I know it feels like president goes on the British Open so I love nothing more than to put another one not under my belt. Sound good -- two time major champion to a little bit about congressional. You know it's very difficult knowledge -- it's hot but it's also a real. It's a rain out there is difficult can you speak to that he would it's hard to pinpoint one. Thing you need to do to prepare for -- although I would say that the wedge game in the short game in the pudding obviously has will be at a premium because. Course like congressional with a late. That you'll be missing fairways and you will not be reaching greens if if you miss the fairways so. You'll have to be making some up and down pars which you wedge in -- potter. That would be a big part of the contest but overall it's good test your patience. And see your stamina -- you have to be prepared for the Celtics. Still be remiss if I didn't ask you about Tiger Woods withdrawn from the US open obviously would have to be something future in the back out of a major. But clearly this left leg is not getting better what's in the reaction you've heard from other golfers on sort of this guy not playing in the majors. Well first I haven't spoken to one of the golfer about it so there has been a reaction to me but. Golf's just not very good on your body you know if you do it repetitively for a long time it's not a natural motion that it will take its toll on some part of your body and with tiger. Apparently is just his left leg has me it is now it happens. Achilles are really. Bear the brunt of it and now I wish -- well I hope it. It probably gets recover quickly but it must be pretty bad for him as a manager -- Stewart appreciate it's I'm has always love you on Twitter and don't you were dead in and out burger man it's definitely good in dug in and hopes -- a great thanks for your time. Okay. All right thanks. CSN Washington dot com.



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