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CSN Washington dot com yeah. Sports net central update. Hey everybody Jill -- what you're Geico sports net central update. A normal weekend on the PGA tour at some guys shooting sixteen under par during -- four gate four day tournament. And cashing a check for over one million dollars next week at congressional. A little different the United States Golf Association runs the US open not the PGA. This event is not about prize money as much as claiming a place in history. The blue course is long and difficult -- will not be a birdie barrage at congressional and pac. Even par would've won four of the last six open at five over one at Oakmont and at Winged Foot. The US GA claimed that goal if you identify the best golfer but some players feel they're efforts to protect park. Is often draconian. Protecting par I did -- take pride in being a sell -- America. You know it's. The way they want and I pitched. I think they do a great job and I think sometimes they go overboard you know it suits. They do some things that are just right. Decency really you know what -- do when you don't do that aspect. You know -- -- and -- -- it's our major concern you know Americans are. So our major but it. They just plummet I'm naturalized into victory lane latest articles I don't have to play it. Week in and week out DR PGA tour is. Purely about entertainment value you know it's how much -- can the fans have watching guys make birdies and Eagles. From hold a whole. And it's is a -- Totally different animal you know we're talking about our national championship we have to do this one time you know there's forty some tour events throughout the course of the year that. You know they made that difficult week in and week out are calling anybody would have any -- including reporters. We'll Tiger Woods may not be playing in the US open but that does not mean his caddie will not be on the course Steve Williams has agreed to caddie for. Adam Scott in this year's open and has been seen working with Scott at congressional country club Williams has been on the back for thirteen of Tigers fourteen. Major championships. And that a good premier on the Comcast sports net studios I'm -- Thornton first CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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