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Chick Hernandez 1-1 with Rickie Fowler-6/13



CSN Washington dot com. Your thoughts as you get ready for the should -- it. He not -- who grew up there reflect. -- You know with with some idea mixup we got eighteen holes and his -- funny at suitable course non. -- and it's and it's saint look at sporting didn't we -- on and I come Thursday and see the cor surely shaped up for years opening conditions and so that he's gonna play really well it's really fair back and in the tough and and intentional or uneasy. The what's the premium then on what part of the game as far as. The way this course setup. You designate the ball like I'll take you know whether it be hanging along iron hybrid through their driver us this season. You know to give yourself. A good looking in earnings and act they'll play very well out of the rough you -- got to control the -- in the greens is. Other section off fairly well and wants Los a firm up -- fast and I -- no chance out of the rough. Lastly we -- I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 151000 hits now on that video from from. Your your whole one the other night have you heard about it that even the people talking about it with you and me it's a ridiculous shot -- that night that. You are so Blase about it but it's much harder when you can't see Green and your. Don't want -- -- -- one also. Yeah I was is pretty cool though I think it was eighth all the little spun back when in. And an excellent fluid in him and bounced out. So to really gets us back to back and a gonna circumstances with the whole thing going on I was Red Bull and you know sit the whole capitol drive -- To deal to do that at. That exact time was it was pretty cool for it to be you know on video and I've definitely heard from some fans around here lately they've seen a video and you know -- get those hits keep on going up. CSN Washington dot com.


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