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John Feinstein's Top 5 contenders at the U.S. Open-6/13



  1. Sergio Garcia0:24
  2. Phil Mickelson0:42
  3. US open0:10, 0:44
  4. Dustin Johnson1:28
  5. PGA championship1:17, 1:31
  6. Dolphins0:29
  7. Washington0:00, 1:44
  8. golf course0:13
Mon, 13 Jun 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. You guys to watch it this week's US open at congressional member congressional the long golf course and don't have very fast greens. He's gonna have ten people who can hit it far. Straight and -- Let's start with a couple big hitters. My fifth pick in the real dark -- Sergio Garcia who has basically been AWO well. From contending Dolphins for the last couple years when he went through qualifying. Played 37 -- made a birdie on the playoff hole just to get into the open that you wanna dark horse goes Sergio. Phil Mickelson who never won a US open he's been second five times. He can hit the ball long enough to win at congressional and if he gets the putter going and maybe he gets the break through just before his 41 birthday. Other people who you should watch from overseas market timer. He's already won a major championship he played poorly at the masters so he has something to prove here. And we know we could cut that you can't win a major without being able to. Another -- similar to -- watching it to the mile and putt. It was in the -- related PGA championship fell apart on Sunday last year maybe he learned a lesson. Maybe he -- -- breakthrough comes he's already had a big win here at Doral. Dustin Johnson remember he almost won the open last year almost won the PGA championship. Last year he hit it nine miles and he's got a surprisingly soft. Putting touch the guy to watch who's been in the hunt before but hasn't gotten it done. He -- in Washington dot com.

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