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Tue, 14 Jun 2011|



CSN Washington dot com. Well -- Chris Taylor indeed doing the honors as you'd be advances to the college World Series continuing on that journey for a national championship. For more on that the road to Omaha would bring in the head coach of the Cavaliers. Brian O'Connor coach first of all. Congratulations. -- take me through the emotions of Monday and now how do you just turn around and to prepare for Sunday's game up in Omaha. Look Christmas Monday's win was unbelievable really probably the most historic win in or. Baseball programs history and just you know the fact that you know Omaha was on the line in that ball game in. We were down to two outs and two strikes on our on our hitters didn't have played a runner on base at all and we got two consecutive hits and a walk in and I'm Chris Taylor and still walk off single scored two. It was just incredible. It was. Very emotional day for players and coaches and something that will always remember and you know it kept our dreams alive have happened a chance to winning a national championship game. Released Thursday to have outfield -- to start that. Final journey. Has a situation like this ever happened to you as a player or coach before what happened Monday. Now it it really hasn't not true war what was on the line sure losing games I've coached in our power play didn't do where -- -- down your final out -- found a way to win it. But it never before with what was at stake you know the fact that we're the number one team in the country and the number one national seed in this tournament and to winning team like that at home and that kind of fashion which is something that's you probably never get to experience again. RC going back to Omaha you -- a pitcher at Creighton in your college days but. I don't think there's any other coach that knows about Omar -- -- than you. I know you're gonna miss Rosenblatt stadium what kind of lessons did you learn the last time you were there at the World Series -- apply this year. Well let's -- great question. You know we went there in 2009. It was the first time University of Virginia never bend Omaha off the World Series and you know everything was new for our players they didn't know what to expect it was new for me as a head coach I've been there -- a player and played in -- as an assistant coach resident Notre Dame. But you know is a new experience. And now you know half of our team this year was there in an O nine and so they know what to expect they know. Wednesday's circus that is the college World Series and everything that goes along with it. And so now -- -- hopeful that. Don't be able to concentrate on what's really the most important thing and that's those nine innings -- -- point between those white lines. Full process continues the journey continues Sunday 1 PM central time against cal. From a sycamore to a blue Jay -- I wish you the very best of luck bring home -- national championship. Thanks a lot -- appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. Each year hundreds of golfers gathered to raise money for operation paid paving access. For veterans employment program that aims to end high unemployment. For veterans with disabilities does that in part by providing career direction and vocational held to any veteran. Looking for a better quality of life now some of those wounded Warriors joined golfers at trump national this morning for a heartfelt. And meaningful cops. Yeah. That's some more special event that a veteran and wounded scores in college veterans deserve. Our support and I need to say is they come back off the battlefield. When you watch a guy or gal with missing them. Swing a golf club one thing you know resources at competitive fire. It's the same competitive fire that compelled to individual to join the military. Many of them fought harm's way. And when they come back you don't lose that it's by disability but they don't lose it. And I did about eight almost nine years in the army. Deployment I went on want to became an officer was to Iraq. in 2007 gentlemen as usual I'm sorry. Yeah it's tear jerking him that I'm so happy that folks I mean 300 people standing up in the opening ceremonies. Give enough of a crap to come out here and do other things to support us to make sure that we can come back from all of our experiences and on appointments. And still contribute to society and still give all of the knowledge and skills that our government trained us to have and give back to our country and it's it's really amazing. I was military police officer for just under ten years he served in Bosnia and Iraq. Other places around the country well one of the greatest things about being out you're seeing all the veterans wounded just combat it turns out here just having a good time. And when you surround yourself so many veterans like this. It just did brings it brings good things to your heart and that just makes you wanna. Supportive and. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Eric Kettani joins Larry Michael on Redskins Nation

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    CSN Washington dot com curious lieutenant good time in earlier today. And pinning ceremony here at Redskins park you've got the double bars what does that mean to you. It's and very honor you know how my parents here my. Sponsor parents and on my friend Matt. You'll swear me in and you know but the bars on and my return. put a which is a huge honor for me. But we we a Redskins fullback but take us back to when you went to the academy Naval Academy and how much time you've put in I mean it's a very impressive thing. Pro football player and now a lieutenant as well. Yes. Two different path and most full of players. What the Naval Academy. Graduated. And served three years and it deployment overseas. And I was fortunate enough to play football after I'll service that is what is your what is your commitment to the service moving forward. Right now I am I six Warriors in the reserves on himself like this speeches. speeches around the nation so it's funny no talk on Allen on draft correlates in my old bad experiences in the navy. That's the most players we've seen that auditorium for any event that we've had other than the team meeting OK this is a different press conferences. I would say there was at least thirty probably more of your teammates and there. Did that surprise you and did you know that we're going to be there. Honest of their common and I guess well I guarantee you must be nice everybody's. And thanks again guys for coming out and a subordinate in lot already were still little little videotape practiced today did your mind wander at all today on the OT we can't afford to have your mind wander the practice field I know coach term silly element a matter a lot of things and enemy out not so. There awhile then drop it involves so Stephane what is BB that'd be taught you for football menu you you've survived the national football league for a few years now and every years survival for you. Of what has been in the navy meant to your football career. teaches me you know from the academy and the navy. Time management and imagine expectations and then this was generals really fast as. NFL this is with a fast paced things military so. That's on a lot and get the job done that take things day by day what obligations do you have now in the military while you're an active player in this. I is it. IDs and Chad Elie you know Sixers left in the reserves and give speeches and They're not things thousand pentagon last month for a weekend while you know we some time off so well players are out out their families thousand pentagon. Special nature of being with the Redskins and when you spent time another canceling a one of the spots up and and coach Belichick has that. Strong connection to Annapolis as we know but today you're here at the Naval Academy your with the Redskins. It's going to be a big draw for you. Yeah our nation's capital and this in my house sponsor friends here sponsor parents when an able candidate Mike and Donna. And I was for them come out today and support me in and I can element I would not graduate without them and their support for those. long four years. Will you required teammates the call you lieutenants have slew of absolute joke around everybody are of resistance of that now do you live things and today is a little awkward so I'm going to do about it now and it. A special today for you made it happen here residence or get a full auditorium for families here. And how special wasn't. And still you know in. How much family here and you know of my good friend us is a big deal and you know look at this memory for awhile. I go into the picture her anything but I Hamas terrorists but you got your family here we're gonna put a lot of talk about that you don't like come on talk but I practice very. Chipper and practiced a so and the mayor and that. There's a family here and man and there's a lieutenant. Matthew Harmon as well. And just a great day here at Redskins park and tomorrow Redskins we're here for Mike Shanahan Bobby turn on me. Only thing more unusual or unique that someone being promoted to lieutenant. Here at Redskins park is hearing from Bobby turner he be honest right I'll run insane pace since some good stuff about Childs. Eric congratulations man hi this in the fourth. And you're 26 years old that's very good such as such great foundation to build a great life congratulations on today. And all the surge element and I'm sure scholar if you got to that we'll get mantra all through the Erica lieutenant Eric Khatami. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Mike Florio breaks down the Redskins Mt. Rushmore

    Mon, 3 Jun 2013

    CSN Washington dot com just. And joining us now to talk more about the mount Rushmore of the Redskins is Mike Florio from pro football talk. Are you first of all do you personally agree with these top four. Well I do because they messed with three of the four that I had and I understand there's going to be. An area for reasonable minds to disagree but yet still be able to make strong arguments that who can go wrong with Joseph Gibbs as the leading vote getter. Joseph three Super Bowl wins with three different quarterbacks the most beloved and respected coach in franchise history. He has to lead the way that franchise and I was I was very happy to see that Sammy got the respect. That he was doing very concerned since this is an Internet based vote. The Internet huge junger a lot of young people have no idea who Sammy body is they don't know that he was a triple threat. He still has the single season NFL putting. Average record it 51 point four yards it's unbelievable no one has caught that since 1940. He had four interceptions that he made in a game he had six touchdown passes twice in a game just an unbelievable player arguably a member of the NFL's mount Rushmore. If and when we would ever try to do that so I was I was happy to see balked at the respect he deserves Joseph Gibbs and that. Rounded out with John Riggins and Darrell green and Darrell green one of the great players of all time who gets overlooked because he was just so good at what he did. We we just we took him for grand and I think. Now is there anyone that laughed off the list might as revealed today that. You thought maybe should've gotten some more consideration. Well my personal list had the hogs on there because when you look at a team that wins three Super Bowls in about a ten year period with three different quarterbacks. There's one constant there it allows the quarterbacks to win those Super and that's the offensive line and they were so you know usually offensive linemen are anonymous there there overlooked. That the hogs were appreciated as much or more than any offensive line in NFL history to throw in a debts and it. It creates you know when you think about so much of this yet you want to look at it when people played and how successful they what kind of numbers it generated but there's also visceral component to a when I think Redskins. One of the first things I think is. The performance that offensive line the nickname and everything went along with that so for me. I think the hogs beyond I had them instead John Riggins but I did I can see and understand and respect the argument to John Riggins. For what he did to help that team get its first Super Bowl win in that cheap play fourth and one memorable and personality and everything that goes along with him. I can understand how people would see ahead of the Hawks. Yes certainly now. A lot of the guys obviously for all four of those guys. Are from kind of those glory years I guess you could say Darrell green you know the end of his career was in this current era as as we look at the Washington Redskins. But what does it say about the current state of the franchise that. We don't see anyone from this most recent say the last ten or twelve years. Well it's it's it's a fair omission when you haven't seen that has three Super Bowl win and haven't teams been around for eighty years and has. some of the all time great players. If you if you are successful recently. How can any of your recent players qualify for that kind of consideration there hasn't been. A standout running back there hasn't been a stand our receiver there hasn't really been a standout hall of fame level player. Over the past decade or so and some people were clamoring for RG three to be included in the final twelve but got one year in the NFL. Maybe another team it would happened to eighteen it's only been around ten years or so. But when you've got an eighty year franchise it's very hard to say one guy based on one year deserves consideration among the franchise's greats. In five years you see RG three on this list in the top four. Well it depends on if he stays healthy. And whether the team can get to the playoffs and advance more often than not I think a Super Bowl would go along way toward getting him on that list. So definitely a win in the playoffs. Hands down a wins the Super Bowl is on the list. And stays healthy yeah it's got to be RG three is that a Kirk cousins playing quarterback we got to watch that me no doubt all right Mike. Thank you so much for your time pro football talk nightly 5 PM on NBC sports. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Lieutenant Eric Kettani honored at Redskins Park

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    Geico sports net central update. Everybody in Washington dot com the Washington Redskins fullback. You're timing may be living out his dream as a member of the National Football League. But that wasn't before serving his country for three years of active duty with the US navy. Today at Connie was recognized for his service by being promoted to the rank of lieutenant. That it's not have to head coach Mike Shanahan running backs coach Bobby turner to do the honor opinion insignia of his new officer ranking. On his uniform in the ceremony today at Redskins park. After taking his he was sworn in by naval officer Connie that most of this offseason foreign military bases around the country. To pre service members for their so sacrifices. I've six lawyers in the reserves. So I'll be doing that you know weekends and brother season giving speeches. You know like this speak about my experiences out directly correlates with the kind of felt I had the nailed down it's all relied on a multitask in Indian things done so it's it's to me right now. I've had guys in military We tend to kind of slowed that's right yeah well he's a great representative for our country because she. He's everything you look for a person to have a guy like that thing until very secure. He certainly do thanks so much for joining yes that's it from here on the Comcast sports net studios I'm Nicole for CSN Washington dot com.