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Ivan Carter talks wih Floyd Mayweather about his fight vs. Victor Ortiz-9/15



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Fri, 16 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I've Floyd I'll look made your big -- your big favorite in this fight six to one. The recession on this football season. You like your money why should I spend my hard earned money to watch this fight. Because you know Saturday Saturday night of course college football. Is in a daytime. And in -- film is on Sunday you know they say me for Saturday night. So. I mean you're beloved toe to -- battles call star power of -- -- tees are very young powerful fighter. Good -- boxing background on a couple of boxes. Background. The family pedigree goes you know back to descending so I'm brought him put an amazing show. In his will be blood swear and tears gonna come Saturday Ortiz is you know eventually got ten years younger than you. Bigger than Marquez and athletic that Mosley. What makes him dangerous in why you gonna be to. You know every fighter Floyd Mayweather. Faces. Every fighter Floyd Mayweather face. It's dangerous. My thing is to being me you know keep my composure watchers. And be smart I've been I've been at this level for a long time now I know what it takes. -- would I think we have -- to the right pieces. To the puzzle to make things happen Saturday. You in your hand speed. It's incredible your defensive skills gonna receive a sugary lateral grove right down the road from right here you're right on that par. We didn't let off long -- have done anything to your skills and what you do and trying to make up for. What I did to make a bomb for the long lay off was we started camp a lot earlier on that -- -- we started camp. We pushed it normally training camp it's eight weeks we've pushed it just a little bit longer. I've been ready to fight you know for more. So. As an interesting concern to very -- and you're gonna win this fight there's no question about that than -- all ablaze and asked me one thing it made you that the TV show you got to ask the question. What do we get the head coach Bob. And I gotta have it. As a right now you know I can never overlook good to Ortiz but you know for anybody this. Anybody that wants to know about them any part of play is one thing. -- your best take it to someone really even playing field that's all is victor Ortiz has taken it says Shane Mosley has taken it says. On the face of boxing is about Clinton up to sport. So if He takes the test we're gonna have a fight. Some of them guys take your business. Absolutely. I've -- that's in Italy looked toward the flight best of luck we'll talk to get real soon we'll see when you come to DC again. I say she's in Washington dot com.