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Maryland's Randy Edsall on what to expect vs. West Virginia-9/16



  1. UConn0:18
  2. Morgantown0:13
  3. Virginia0:06, 0:17
  4. Miami0:40
  5. Washington1:05
Fri, 16 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. The tour -- of their rivals. Number eighteen West Virginia Byrd stadium on Saturday Maryland has beaten the mountaineers since 2003. Losing last year 3117. In Morgantown but -- at -- would want and six vs West Virginia wallet UConn. He's trying to take it one game at a time but He understands the importance of Saturday's game. -- what we want to do is we want to win every game so there's just it's much importance. You know this game as it was the game against Miami. Yeah that was a conference game but. To really accomplish the goals that we want to accomplish we have to treat us. Just saying it doesn't know that we have a tremendous opponent coming in your -- big in the last five times we played them. So again it's just one of those situations where to me you know this is important it's the most important game because this game will play. CSN Washington dot com.

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