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Latest from Redskins Park as the Redskins get ready for the Cards--9/15



  1. Cam Newton2:08
  2. Adrian Wilson2:25
  3. Andre Johnson0:14, 0:29
  4. Rex Grossman1:59
  5. Houston Texans0:29
  6. Steve Spurrier2:18
  7. Tim Hightower2:46
  8. FedEx0:00, 2:17, 3:25
  9. Jim Haslett1:42
  10. Redskins fans1:09
Thu, 15 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

We -- coming up at FedEx on Sunday Redskins Cardinals. Obviously main emphasis defense that for the Redskins -- that's -- there's a receiver. That's receiver in the game. -- I think so these are certainly in it in on the very short list with Andre Johnson maybe a couple of the guys to not just the combination of size speed hands. He not only has the physical tools he's got to work ethic which really sets him apart from a lot of other just big receivers. Yeah it's got to be in the upper Echelon I compared Andre Johnson Houston Texans and I think He has all of the -- so locker myself physically seniors burglary and if he's not that physical. We'll see on Sunday but. They move him left right left right if you're Jim has do you stick -- the end law regardless of worries plan or do you play sizes and -- I'd be placed sides with him and -- and his -- Whoever is covering it was going to be getting some help got a belt from. From Reed -- here or that time waiters somebody yells I don't think they you know the quarterback is going to be the only guy. Don't coverage -- you mentioned you mentioned the safeties -- and OJ. Be surprised if we see or Atlanta this week because answering. Should Redskins fans be concerned that this could be 45 week. With -- I don't think so I I think you could see him back -- He did get really his first practice the year last year on a limited basis. -- we didn't steal practice of course but I think was there to limit and I think you know He just He watched Emmitt yeah limited in terms of He watched right so it -- Kansas but. Redoubt has been a popular topic in the locker this week. Had a couple bad plays but there's a mistake you can still stop the -- Yep yep no doubt about it yeah an event Jim Haslett was just talking and handled the long gain went one place He gave up. He said hey we gotta get some penetration rational -- that place was certainly no no defensive back and stay on receiver like -- He Knicks especially. Infinitely. You got against got to -- now. Shifted to the rest -- office Rex Grossman goes for 305 this week. I think if you wanted to you go for 605 this week Arizona's past success is abominable. Cam Newton for 22. Your coach and you sort of got to resist the temptation area right -- -- I don't see why He resistance and temptation is going to be you know nice days at FedEx Field is Steve Spurrier would say good day to pitch it around throw it throw it out -- You know I think especially their safeties -- road Adrian Wilson just wrote about this on real Redskins dot com. They're they're not very fast they're slows you get behind them. Or you know hopefully they give me too much aggression He has nice deep intermediate routes and yet you know -- Rex might be able to pick is on number as far as passing hurt us. As far as a running game and it was tougher though last week two point eight years to carry Tim Hightower carried twenty that 26 times. I think that's shouldn't continue He had to some of the guys in their but it is it is it I think he's just a matter they don't trust Roy who are right turn on third down. Yeah well it did that can't continue I mean that's 400 -- pace if you do the math over sixteen games so yeah I think you have to get. Yeah yeah you gotta figure out you you've got this Belmont first and second down with either Alou terrain was active on the -- He got McDonald's game. That Alou is there's so. Yeah I I think they've got to start to think about the longer term and a and get him real may be more in this 171819. Years. -- Redskins Sunday at FedEx the Redskins are three and a half point favorite. For stellar -- Heller and CSN Washington dot com csnwashington.com.

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