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Chick Hernandez talks with Randy Edsall about facing West Virginia-9/14



CSN Washington dot com. Our coach thanks for joining us here from your office we always appreciate the time you had some days off to spend the bye week. Well what we did is on Tuesday we came in and just had -- kids. You know stretch and watched the film. And I'll lift weights and then what we ended up doing was they were off them on Wednesday Thursday we practice. Friday they lifted weights Saturday we practiced and then got into our normal routine where we practice on Sundays and then we -- off on Mondays and Tuesday and then here we are today so. You know we got you know couple extra practices and West Virginia and it was good they gave -- chance to. He also heal up some of the bumps and bruises that we got from the Miami game so all work. -- play. Pretty much so if you think the fact that you know there there's you know it's when you're when you're this have to buy this early in the season. You're probably not gonna have as many days off and then it also allowed us to get out and recruiting trail and do some evaluation. You know during the week as well. So Miami is over West Virginia gonna come in here ranked eighteenth in the country and for very good reason right. Exactly they're good football team. There of their led by the quarterback geno Smith on offense and than tape on Austin. Also as a wide receiver they got a good solid. Offensive line like to run the football. You know they're going to be physical they're gonna get after you they're there into an up tempo offense just like we are. And then defensively. They have a lot of very good athletes who. Who can run and make plays and they played the 335 which isn't something you see every day so. Having those couple extra days of preparation was good and then. And then in the kicking game where we've got to get a lot better most especially our kickoff coverage and kickoff return. -- that we have to deal with came on Austin who was an outstanding return man. -- does it help you because that you know them coming from the big east. It helps but still our our guys still have to go out play a mean. You know we've played him here Maryland a year ago so there are some familiarity was there with. With West Virginia but again they've they've got a new offensive system you know this year. The defense is still the same but yeah they're they're good football team it's. You know we're gonna have to play well and and we're gonna have to play. A mistake free ball game and I don't turn the ball over and get some turnovers and not give up the big plays if we do that then then we're gonna have a great opportunity to win. You're a student of the weapon back DJ Adams goes back from suspension where and when can we expect him on Saturday. Well he's he's he's back and he's work and he's gonna probably be in some situations for us especially situations that we haven't. Getting back in there and you know like DJ in terms of what He can bring that table so there's situations in the game plan that we've incorporated him. And you know those things we'll probably be short yardage goal line and you know down into the red zone in those areas so. There's there -- situations for -- DJ to be in the game on Saturday. You know we all -- Twitter now because some of those have to and we saw -- don't readings your exploits I think -- the math how important for you to be. Seemed NB out locally being the new guy. Well it's it's extremely important and you know I like to recruit I'd like to get out I like to do the live evaluations because. I can find out a lot about a young man you know when I go see him play in person you know you can't see everything that you wanna see on film you can't see how they react to certain plays whether they're good or bad. How they react to when they come off that they've done something that coaches corrected them and so you go and see people and in person. You get to find those things out plus it's good to be outwardly visible because then they see the interest that that we have in the young men. So for me it was great to get out though last weekend home. Wednesday Friday and Saturday to see games here locally and I did a lot of us out of the state. On Wednesday. Up to Ohio so. And I and I saw a lot of good players -- -- saw a lot of good programs out there are so. Now now what we wanted to do is recruit those young men and get him to come here to the university Merrill. And of course the other story because -- email there with -- The other story of course. Are those uniforms now we won it was a huge. Huge. Event I'm I'm become like hitting coach. And Abu Dhabi newspaper wrote up articles on your uniforms for game one obviously there on The Today Show every were CNN talking about it you come out. And said all black the captain's pick all black for Saturday I like the combo. I'll have -- you know that's a combination that I've really liked it and so we're gonna go with the all black and you know looking forward to that the guys being and it's you know as we told that as we told the team last week you know. We love the uniforms we love all the different combinations but what it comes down to it comes down to the guys that are in those uniforms that make the difference and you know so again we got a well played. Our game but again. That the all black from head to toe is something that I think a very special uniform enough repertoire of what we have. You have to hydrate more because it's all black I do it. Dollar will really don't and that was one of the that was one of the questions I asked on their armour said you know if it's hot out is it going to be. Is it gonna be any difference where in the black and red because you know you can't Wear the white at home we -- we made a special arrangement to do that. Last week so. But they told me no because of the kind of material and everything else that are really it doesn't make a difference in. Plus you know the weather looks like it's only supposed to be between 6570. On Saturday so you know we we should be in good shape. And are you surprised at how big -- topic the uniforms became. Yeah half -- of really -- Just never thought that it would garnered the attention that it did but you know good for us and good for under -- and because of coming nationwide and maybe even worldwide people were talking about you know Maryland football in the uniforms and you know back kind of publicity no never hurts because you know everybody was talking about it whether they like them or they didn't. But there was there was talk about him -- talk about Maryland football and you know so that helps you in the biggest thing chick is I found is that the demographic that we're looking out from a recruiting standpoint. You know all the kids really love them and they love the fact that we have these combinations as they they kind of told me coach you've got some slack. That kind of -- a well I -- I'll be checking the double Gabi newspaper next week and how they feel about the all black coach. Good luck this weekend against the West Virginia Mountaineers thank you very much -- appreciate it CSN Washington dot com.



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