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Jill Sorenson reports from Caps' rookie camp-9/12



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Mon, 12 Sep 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. To the -- state two of caps rookie camp that Keller today and the young players are eager to show the coaching staff they have what it takes. The plane NHL until Sorenson has the inside access on two guys may see in DC this season. -- -- -- No stranger to the caps rookie camp easier for the third year and now a graduate of junior hockey He has one goal in mind tends. -- -- and that's all the spots and you know that doesn't happen trying to -- scorching season. -- Time will tell. Whether he's he's ready now. For a month from now or a year from now four assists in two years. This -- supposed to announce you know the option of trying to make it to on the plane and you know even change her whole. The TS children's 61 frame is unmistakable on these guys signed as a free agent this past June. Children is also looking to prove he's ready for the big show. NHL body. We close this you know how we uses it more I mean we we play a style that. You know we wanted to be in your face him. As soon just to yourself to okay. Make this team even star -- -- period to listen about them. Traylor when the coach is tries to teach outs are so. Almost all of us. Since the caps acquired a handful of veterans this off season spots on the roster are hard to come by. So while you may not see a Marcus Johansson this year. You will see a lot of movement between Hershey and DC. As usual with the capitals Jill Sorenson Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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