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Mike Shanahan talks about the win over the Giants-9/11



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Sun, 11 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. They're the head coach that watched the reds it's Mike Shanahan addressed the media and the crowd. -- He specifically -- -- Nor can you say to you always want guys making plays officially young guys and -- both can play well. Rex and just his performance not 21 -- 34305. Put your team in position is seemed to get back on -- explain an excellent game -- a lot of pressure up front. Very talented football team and play extremely hard. Really hard to get big plays in the passing game millions of defense in front of puts a lot of pressure on the quarterback. Chris -- did his pass rushing exploits of prodigy even you guys a little bit or we're not really. I tell a guy gets two sacks penalties you're expected in the first game of his rookie season especially nose tackle so. Little bit of a surprise for -- -- have two sacks but. Chris has got that have the mindset he's a worker. You know he's got to does an excellent job in those -- position especially coming Ji-Young guy likely handle themselves he's. Really a worker. Under accountable. And played -- Early expecting him to mimic a transition you lose the season the whole off season block out He misses nine days of camp with a -- it looked like on that interception -- plan for awhile. And did a great job Miramax. -- and then -- kind of run the quarterback uncomfortable along with like little small two wide receiver very edgy play by him good adjustments. Marshall's former defense and then can't come down on the ball which He did so a big big play. -- it kept him in the office destroying his follow up bigger help that was for them different until you gotta do you know you gotta make some plays and defense and offense and just like -- that I thought our defense. In a number of big plays there in the second half and we had some turn shorts and fourth phones and low pressure on the quarterback and really coming down we'll develop a rhythm. And I thought that was a big difference in the second. -- started off a little bit slow. -- for four then turn it around obviously did you get a chance to settle them down a little bit maybe taught from on the sidelines. Not really they really did something that they normally don't do a lot of lot of man to man a lot of pressure early. Really challenged our offensive line children wide receiver good adjustment by them you told me and -- a lot of and I was pleased with the way we adjusted and to play zone. Vertical throws especially on on third down a couple of spread their talk about how big those throws were. In the context of the overall ballgame. Obviously got to make their doubts and you gotta have your quarterback that. Someone will stand in the pocket. Make the proper read -- you have to have a guy like you friends from other receivers make some big plays -- the catchers which they did. But much. That's been part of football in Israel will make those big third down plays and penalties combination everybody. Especially against a team that was really put a lot of pressure. I'm running my pressure just don't perform in front you know sometimes 5678. People. It seemed like at times in the pre season the only people that had confidence in your team were inside your own building. Where do you think the mindset that your team has its very comfortable what's up. I think there 'cause I told her to you know got a lot of -- her football team -- one -- yesterday and we got to take things one game at a time this long season but you know believe in yourself from. There -- players who don't believe in themselves but you know as we've said from beginning talk is cheap you got to go out there prove yourself between can. And hopefully continue to do that. After the Giants recovered the fumble and got inside your thirty in the fourth quarter. You talked after the giant game last year about finishing learning to finish is that where you finished this game by stopping them there or. Well -- place people got to make plays you know. Couple big plays right there that you just pointed -- you know you got to turn the football over your defense comes up and -- X number of big plays and and that's what you got to do you finish games and we had a chance to finish will be earlier in the third quarter we couldn't get anything going offensively. Over some excellent field position. And so sometimes we hang around like that you know all of them come back to -- -- And we stepped up and it kept on working person during -- pleased with the way it turned out and play for sixty minutes. Said earlier in the week Chris Cooley not a 100% for days -- -- -- made them. Effort. And actually can't really proud of trying to handle themselves can make some big time plays today. If wells Rex -- that pocket you can everybody's you know making some plays we really had a chance. Have a few more plays and thinking I think -- a -- will make those plays but. You know for the first game I thought it was so. Lot of positives. Optional wasn't out there today how how emotional was -- you coming. It in perspective well I mean it was amazing you know with 9/11 being down there caption. I mean it brought tears your minds now is being done that was quite emotional. Mike how did you guys adjust to some of that man to man pressure that the Giants were -- -- in early in the first quarter. Well everybody's got a different game plans -- into the what you do you know running game passing game the day they did a good job they've put a lot of pressure on us and that a good job really take a lot of runs away we don't we run like we normally run until we got a couple big plays in the passing game. I think so. But then kept coming back with a right ankle what what exactly was a display in early in for an early and -- in the first series out there. Initially thought -- up for the games so there's not too. -- -- -- CSN Washington dot com.

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