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  1. Barry Cofield3:11
  2. Brandon Jacobs1:52
  3. Eli Manning1:42, 3:17
  4. Tony romo's2:18
  5. Tom Coughlin1:37
  6. Mike Shanahan5:05
  7. Vince Young1:19
  8. Andy Reid0:26
  9. Michael Vick0:35
  10. Ahmad Bradshaw1:53
Sat, 10 Sep 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Everybody I'm Jennifer Williams alongside -- cam and Ryan know how aren't. And guys the Redskins season kicks off Sunday they're going to be hosting the Giants. But let's talk about and exceed that NFC east north really talked about the Redskins everyone's got the Eagles -- their favorite why are they the team to be. I think Eagles just because of their offseason they've really loaded up. They have a veteran squad and Andy Reid and his staff editor doesn't have a lot of years left they went -- -- -- one of the biggest -- on the market Cullen -- the best offensive tackle on the market. Re signed Michael Vick so I think they've had a lot of pieces but I still think they got some questions and Michael -- got to be on the run because. That offensive line is really young and it was really an effective during the race pre season but. Look at at all fourteens and this is Philadelphia's division lose. Think you're looking at their offensive line that is a weakness to offensive skill positions though I think in the best -- -- has the best in the division. They've got time. -- -- got McCoy at running back and underrated running back to -- Jackson and explosive wide receiver. Jerry met Jeremy Maclin good too good a second wide receivers are gonna find this league. And Dick calling the trigger they'll be able to put up put up a lot of points yes as you said. That offensive line can keep date standing upright and most importantly healthy they have to go to Vince Young I think his big trouble for the Eagles. Now looking at the division the way you guys haven't shaking out rich. Next in line you guys both have the Eagles winning the division I defending their title but break you and then have the Giants. I think they're they're solid they always do it Tom Coughlin. Is you know is another not a great coach in the division. Eli Manning I I don't think he's not the lead as the is He more like -- an autograph my my -- -- but again. You look at their offensive skill positions you look at. Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw running back to look at -- -- mix at wide receiver. They're solid there dude has some holes yes again offensive line that'll be good team as we talk about this division offensive line problems. But I think the Giants tend to be good enough they always they always get it done in the end you know I think they'll win 910 games two games and finished second division. Brian you have. -- the cowboys' next. Tony romo's coming back off that injury why do you think they look -- well. I'm taken offense taken a flyer on the Cowboys -- people don't have them in second place marshall's first place. Defensively in the pre season look like the only thing they did right was put eleven guys on the field at the same time it looked really effective but. I think Tony Romo is coming back as a motivated player He clearly has good synergy with Jason Garrett the head coach slash play caller. So I'm gonna go -- and second I don't think they're gonna make the playoffs because the NFC east is down this year but I think they'll be able move up the division a little bit. -- book you guys have Redskins falling in your dance tour the chart at third if you look at your division the way you have the division falling out. You have the Giants and last place why do you have there's a lot of holes they're they're not they're lacking that depth they used to have. Yeah I mean this ran out of bodies and in the pre season on defense as -- Once you lose so many people eventually your depth runs on that doesn't include Barry Cofield who arguably is their best defensive linemen going to the Redskins have played nose. So Eli Manning nearly thirty interceptions last year. Not that he's aging but thank the offensive line has been rebuilt I just think there's although this is a transition year for the Giants much like the Redskins -- last year. They still finish under after his last that is because they can't afford made injuries and there they've run -- -- -- so far they have no luck laughed. Now rich interestingly enough this is where you you and Ryan swap you have the Cowboys last that was -- -- thing. Well -- you know Jason Garrett is the He did a nice job in the last year but it's -- to hold totally different thing. To take a team without an off season they got a new defensive coordinator in rob Bryant crying in his system installed trying to get rob Ryan's system installed. I can see them getting off to a slow start. Again offensive line problems all the way you know all the way -- they got a rookie at right tackle Doug -- and okay left tackle and experience in the middle. Their defense -- secondary is banged out and even when it's healthy it's not that good so I see I mean I see the Cowboys may be breaking even may be on 796 and ten. And neither of you guys have the Redskins in the basement why is that you think they're kind of flying under the radar people aren't giving him enough credit. Well I think some of both me sometimes you think you're we're we're we're we're two inside and you see things they're too positive but. I think things are gonna moving in the right direction are they clapped him no way they're still way too many holes in this roster is we'll get to later but. I think they'll be able to carve out a couple more division wins because they have better person now. And -- maybe not 500 by a little bit last but I did get at a division cellar which. Consider last year's debacle that would be considered big success. Yeah I mean last selective and -- it simple math as far as I'm concerned there were six and ten last year. I think there at least two games maybe three games better just from the talent they added. They have in the second year and Mike Shanahan system so eight maybe nine wins I think probably more like a think for some of their players CSN Washington dot com.

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