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Fri, 9 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

-- that folks welcome to CSN Washington dot com Sebastian Salazar joined by Michelle Gordon as we get set to pretty another awesome weekend of college football action a lot of it here on the network. At Comcast sports net but let's start with Virginia Tech and east Carolina obviously Virginia Tech coming off that monster win 66 to thirteen. Crap -- and state and it was pretty much the David Wilson -- It was and he's been waiting for his time He had the weight behind Ryan Williams and Darren Evans last year and this. David Wilson spotlight. I He had a huge inning at that stage I have no doubt he'll do the same against east Carolina this kid is on a mission He has such high expectations for himself. That and the fact that the entire team it's gonna want this wind this weekend. With a victory against east Carolina it will be Frank Beamer is. Win number 200 at Virginia Tech such an accomplishment for that guy so. It's gonna be tough though I will say east Carolina is really really tough to play down there this is been a fierce rivalry in Greeneville is hop style. So I think tech's gonna win but it's not going to be easy. Tech's gonna wage is good now and down night in the win column for -- for the Hokies guys who give you that next up just up the road and it's Virginia. They're gonna be. On the road -- not a Big Ten squad in Indiana Virginia you know you you've got I guess you got to kind of take a look at and say it was William and Mary but -- big win. And when you look at you know what they were able to do and what their issues were coming in Michael Rocco I think 21 at 29 had himself a great opening start that's got to get -- -- in that teams and company. Absolutely and I will say that that -- that that game against William and Mary I mean that wasn't an easy one at one and Mary was at the time number three in the country in the FCS standings. They were you know takes it to be won that national title contenders so. That wasn't supposed to be as easy as it was but this weekend it's it's going to be at a definitely a bigger test for them Indiana is big. And physical there they love to and they're really good at stopping the run but they I think my Glendon might have struck gold in running back Kevin parks his performance. His performance last weekend against the tribe was sensational. And they're nothing in -- him again this week. A huge opportunity for Virginia to get off to a really good start. Hi -- Michael -- turn that program around all right let's not keep it in the ACC and out again that you can see here on the networks is the reaction on Comcast sports net plus at 330. On Comcast sports at 330 -- theory Virginia Tech and east Carolina but. North Carolina State and Wake Forest and you know for us local high school football fans -- got to keep talking about this guy Michael -- Eighteen of 31 night in the opener against liberty it was liberty. But NC state -- tonight's winner at Darren and looks to be in in good shape taken out of Wake Forest team that kind of let one slip against Syracuse. They did this is one of the oldest rivalries in the ACC this will be the 105. Meeting between Wake Forest and NC state this weekend. You -- gonna have. A Wake Forest team who like you mentioned is coming off that overtime loss to Syracuse and -- state coming off the big win against liberty. Wake Forest quarterback Tanner price had the best game of his career last week against Syracuse he's gonna look to build on that. But he's gonna be facing an NC state defense that had seven turnovers last week in the last time and see that NC state won at wake was 2001. So we'll see how it goes. Pilots finished things up here with the CIA. -- house in last weekend on our air how we can beat down a Morgan State -- -- the program that has had its struggles but may be. That was maybe a turning point. You know when I went to see a media day and talked to head coach rob Ambrose. Back at the end of July. He told me that he's had a system since He got here that you know. What -- one was here -- to sit near three is about winning and He told his team we haven't talked about winning at all since I've gotten here. Now we're talking gonna talk about winning and they did it last weekend and we'll see what they can do this weekend against a tough Villanova team. -- -- coming awful tough loss to temple from last week I think this is a different -- team I really do and I think this is a huge opportunity. For them to wind to go into their bye week two and no one -- in the CA I I honestly I have to look it up but I don't remember the last time they've had that record. So be awesome for the Tigers to get this win over Villanova and they're at home and they have a great crowd. So we'll see. I will full slate of college football games on our network again just one run through 330 Saturday on Comcast sports at Virginia Tech and east Carolina was huge game for the Hokies. And on the plus on Comcast sports net plus 330 North Carolina State against Wake Forest she's missed out Michelle Gordon -- -- south our thanks for checking us out. Here on CSN Washington dot count.

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