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WPL: Ivan Carter talks with former Colts LB Cato June-9/8



  1. Peyton Manning0:37
  2. Tim Simpson2:20
  3. Colts0:25
  4. Michigan0:18, 1:51
  5. Notre Dame0:19
  6. college football1:50, 1:57, 2:47
  7. undefeated teams2:43
  8. new coach1:52
  9. national champion2:40
Thu, 8 Sep 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Can you come assault with a jacket games -- that high you not -- Had a match intensity mentally as strong -- -- I'm gonna -- Nobody you talk to counsel both secular and you're hard to -- a Michigan man to -- Notre Dame coming down under the lights out down the first time. What was your thoughts when -- -- paid me any situation your old teammate with the Colts man. It's -- my -- injuries is always one that that you want to keep my house but you have to go out and give you injury report and with someone has serious injury. Like that in in in the magnitude of Peyton Manning. You don't wanna get a fans who -- people you know doable there's a lot of things that go on the you know in that locker room in terms of pavement so. Hopefully you know for his -- you know and for the cold -- his health is OK and it's something He can get but they can give -- you wanna. -- -- this guide you somewhat close practice locker room at any sort of hangs over a whole city in a way that I was pretty dismissive of their chances without him in my overstating. His value and what He means of that team because seems like. I can't imagine not being in. Well what he's been the stable of that scene for some years now he's definitely the face of the organization. But when you look at you take a football game you know you have -- his defense and special teams. When you don't have your offense clicking like is supposed to let's just assume. Without -- that they they won't you know the single to say this item ten points a game fifteen points tops -- you know now you have to get -- points other ways you have the defense has the hold them. You know London ten to twelve points and specialties has to give you. You know field position and and make up the points in that man so Corey can be done this this amount -- rough. You know other. You know parts of that team stepping up and become in the state below particular -- and -- -- -- -- does know college football for you. Michigan a new coach and also -- a big issue -- -- conference realignment Nebraska and their -- is going all over college football. Not a story lines what stands out to you right now. What is going on. Down south from the big twelve I just don't understand. You know teams and just jumping -- I don't know if it's a money thing and they see. You know other conferences are making more money I mean you see a lot of teams leaving the big twelve man. And rightly so who wouldn't want to play and it's easy run and they won you know with them because -- is Tim Simpson who. You know I hear we can't exactly this is a great competition's great it's great competition and account. It will help us get a playoff you think is I think it -- -- -- may be. It almost lines of whatever -- member advances so I don't think so I mean it that's wishful thing for everyone hoping to BCS been great mix the naming a national champion having that in terms of game. But then we still have situation where it's three undefeated teams -- what to do so. With the tradition of college football and and the way the bowl games -- it means to our house for -- don't think too she gets in Washington dot com.

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